Short Story: Siya’s Secret Ghost

Chapter 1

Genre: Horror Story

Title: Siya’s Secret Ghost

Characters: Siya, Rosey, Peter, Gary

Plot Details:

It was one of those days when Siya’s heart pumped very fast. It was a clear moon day with its light zooming in her small apartment room. From her school days, she felt like she was being watched and followed. At times, she felt someone’s presence in her room, but she could not see.

Her fear grew when she consulted a guru/palm reader who advised her not to stay alone since she was haunted by some unknown spirit. She didn’t believe him first, but when she experienced it, she knew what to believe.

She was in her room spending her night and enjoying with her college friends, Rosey, Gary, and Peter. They were gossiping about their class representative when Siya felt a finger brush her neck. She turned to see who it must be but found no one. Rosey, Gary, and Peter did not believe her as they couldn’t see anyone. And they also did not believe in ghosts or any form of spirit.

Siya went to the kitchen to get some water as Rosey suggested her. Rosey is her best-girlfriend who knows all her secrets and hangs out with her doing everything together. Siya needed to calm herself down and think straight. Before leaving, Gary asked her to get some potato chips with her. Gary was one of those people who lives to eat. He is always found with food, either eating or preparing.

She walked to the fridge to drink water and calm her nerves. The lights in the fridge flickered in a weird fashion. She stepped back, and the lights kept on flickering. Scared, she rushed to her room and narrated her story to all. Rosey asked her to get a technician to check her fridge. The light flickering issue must be due to some technical issue in the fridge. While Siya called the flickering lights creepy, Peter called her mind weirdly creepy. Peter is one ‘long friend’ (Long in height) who speaks before using his brain. Gary asked Siya for his chips and found she had arrived with just one water-bottle.

Disappointed, Gary grabbed the bottle from Siya’s hand and went to the kitchen for his chips. Gary stated that he was soon turning into a ghost without his food to keep me alive. Siya was scared for his well-being after he went inside the kitchen alone. Minutes later, Rosey suggested they check on Gary as he wasn’t back.

In the kitchen, Gary was lying on the ground unconscious. Rosey had checked and declared that he was knocked out while Peter assumed Gary was sleeping on the floor. Siya’s bottle was kicked to a kitchen wall where it stayed dented from the middle. The kitchen lights were off, but the lights of the fridge flickered while the fridge door hung open. Siya and Rosey felt that the look and feel of the kitchen was spooky, while Peter was contemplating his options—Either Gary was sleeping on the floor or lying down just for the sake of it.

Later, Rosey confessed that she believed on the existence of a ghost in this house.

Next chapters speak about how the friends together encounter Sarah’s ghost and defeat it for good.

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