Nova Series: Battle between Parents

Nova’s Tales: Series of stories about a school kid who is notorious and troubles everyone around him. This story focuses on a fight between his parents and Messi’s unexpected visit to the Jones for the night.

It was evening in the house of Jones, when Messi arrived at the open-door shouting, “Hi everyone. How are you all?” The moment she put a step inside the house, her nostrils went active scenting a delicacy which was been made in the kitchen. Messi realised that she arrived at the right time when the Jones were preparing dinner.

Inside the kitchen, Coco was standing next to the stove stirring the deep-fried nuggets in the boiling oil. Messi strolls to her and speaks, “You are the best sister in the world. You made my favourite dish.”

Messi looks surprised to see her sister uninvited at her house in an oddly hour. “Hello, Messi. Unfortunately, I have not made extra today.”

“That won’t be a problem. You know how little my diet is,” Messi replied.

Nova enters the kitchen and raises a question to his mom, “Is the food ready, mom?”

“Yes, it is. You go set the dinning plates on the table for all,” Coco ordered. Messi was surprised to see that Coco asked Nova to set the table. She wondered where Barry was.

“Whatever you say, mom.” Nova leaves for the dining area to get to his work. Messi watches Nova as he lifts the plates and places it for each chair. There were 4 plates waiting for the diners on the table now.

“Huh, you had counted me already.” Messi said it to Coco.

“No, they are all for me.” Nova shouts from the dining area.

“Of course, you expected that I would come tonight.”

“Absolutely not!” Coco and Barry spoke in unison.

While serving the nuggets on the serving-plate, Coco asks Messi, “What is it that yoNuggetsu want?” Coco wanted to know the reason for Messi’s unexpected visit.

“I was wondering if I could stay here with you all tonight.”

“Why? What’s the reason? Is everything alright with you? Another break-up?” Coco raises her eyebrow offering her a questioning look. Messi offers to help with serving the nuggets on everyone’s plates while Coco busies herself in serving the fried rice.

“Nothing like that,” Messi blushes thinking of another break-up. “My AC has stopped working and I couldn’t think of sleeping without it in this hot summer night.”

“You don’t use AC every day. Is something wrong with your fan?”

“It has stopped working from past week.” Messi gave a guilty look to her sister.

“You are careless and lazy. Why didn’t you get it fixed on time?”

Ignoring her question, Messi replies, “So that is the reason I cannot sleep there.” They both finish serving the food on the plates.

“The food is served, let’s eat.” Messi picks the plate which is heavily filled and sits on her side.

“Hold on. Let me serve the food.” Coco understood Messi’s game-plan and takes the plate from her hand. “This is how it is done,” she serves the equal amount of pieces on each plate.

Messi looks at Coco while she is giving a stern elder-sister-stare to her. “Here is your plate,” Coco offers her share. “This is too less,” Messi makes the innocent dog-face to lure Coco in giving her some more. “If you want me to eat so less, I won’t eat at all.”

“If you don’t want to eat…” she takes the plate in her hand and starts walking towards the kitchen.

“Ah!” Messi looks at Coco walking to the kitchen. “Don’t worry. I’ll take it back if you don’t want to eat.”

Nova walks to Messi and whispers in her ears, “Aunty, mom’s mood is sour. She is angry on dad today.”

“Now I understand.” Messi giggles and Nova joins her.

Coco calls Nova from the kitchen, “Nova, tell your dad that the food is served.”

“Ok, mom,” he replies to Coco. “Dad, the food is served,” he tells Barry.

Barry replies with a nod but doesn’t move from his place in front of the TV. He was leaning back on the sofa with both the legs resting on the table. He was watching his favourite show on Republic TV where Arnab Goswami was bantering about another impotent politician of our nation.

“Why is Barry not replying?” Messi asked Nova. He urges her to come closer and whispers, “It is a secret.”

“What’s the secret? Tell me.”

“It is about reusing food jars instead of throwing them away. And that would be 5 chocolates.” Nova offers his palm to accept the commission.

“Wait till I go to the market,” she promises Nova. Speaking to her, “I see. It must be about using food jars in the kitchen for storage.”

Dining TableWhile at the dining table, every one silently ate their food. Messi spoke, “This tastes heavenly. Coco, you are an expert cook.”

“Mom is best at cooking delicious food. She picks the most fresh vegetables at the market,” Nova mentions between bites.

“You know how to run a house well,” Messi compliments her.

“It is not easy to run a house. And you should start learning by fixing your fan first,” Coco bashed Messi and moved to look at Barry, “Running a house is hard work and managing the house expense smartly is a talent.”

“Nova, inform to the one who made this food that it is full of species. Be careful next time and sprinkle less in the food.”

“Ok, dad.” “Mom, dad is telling you to make extra food for me next time.”

“I did not say that. Don’t act smart,” Barry was shouting but holding his smile too.

“Nova, pass this message to your dad. The food is tasty because of the species. It is not extra, it is in perfect proposition.”

“Dad, mom tells you to get me Avengers super hero toys tomorrow.”

“I did not say that, Nova.”

“I heard it, mom.” Batting his eye-lids to act innocent.

“Don’t trouble Nova with your ‘Pass the massage’ game, guys,” Messi laughs and comments.

“He is troubling,” Coco points at Barry.

“It’s your mistake,” Barry retorts.

“Calm down, guys. Fighting over food jars is childish.”

“I thought I am childish, but the food jars are too,” Nova beams at this unreal fact.

“Messi, don’t explain me. Quietly finish your food,” Coco tries to stop further discussion.

“Stop getting angry at her, Coco.” Barry tries to explain.

“I think you should not interfere. It’s between two sisters and we will manage it ourselves. Please finish your food,” Coco replied.

“Why should I? There is no quietness in this room. You stop troubling your sister and eat peacefully,” Barry asks.

“My migraine has arrived. Barry, why you do this? You could have stopped this parade of arguments long time back,” Coco complains.

“I am sorry. I didn’t realise. But, you remembered then why did you stretch it so much?,” Barry asked.

“You think it is my mistake, don’t you?” Coco looked upset. “Nova, is it always my mistake?”

“Let me think, mom.”

“I am done with food. I’ll go back to my news.” Barry stood to go.

“Wait. I know the answer,” Nova chimes. Moments later, he says, “I’ll ask my teacher and tell you.” Like whenever there is a question which needs answer, we go to our teacher. Coco looked further miserable with the headache.

“I’ll make some hot tea for you,” Barry offered.

In the kitchen, Messi boils the water in the tea-pot while Nova waits at her side. “I have learnt one thing today, never advice two people who are fighting with each other.”

“Let me make the tea.” Barry washes the last plate and wipes his hands clean.

“No, I’ll do it,” Messi denies.

“I know how she likes her tea,” Barry informs.

Messi steps back and moves to the dining table to join Coco.

“Don’t shout at me. You should not fight so much,” Messi suggests.

“I know. It was stupid. I won’t fight with him now.”

“He is sweet to you.”

“Yeah,” Coco blushes.

Moments later, Barry walks in with a tray filled with tea-pot, cups, and a jar of cookies.

Tea pot and cookies“Thank you, love.”

Barry smiles and says, “Take this med after the tea.”

Messi empties the jar of cookies in the tray and throws the empty box in the nearby dustbin.

“What did you do?” said Coco and Barry.

“We can use the jar for storage,” Barry said.

“It’s crumbled and damaged at places,” Messi reasoned.

“We can use it at least once before throwing it,” Coco suggested.

“But…” Messi argued with both, while they fought from one side now.

Moral: You may try to be a fight-stopper, but sooner or later you will become one fighting a side 😉

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