Funny Stories: The Wife is Stressed

Read this funny story about a wife who almost suffered a heart-attack, but created a hilarious situation to be remembered for her life.

A couple was planned to go for a vacation. But the wife received a call for an unexpected meeting on the day of departure.

So they decided that the husband leaves on the day planned and the wife will follow the next day.

After reaching his hotel room, husband decides to mail his wife (As she was suppose to be in a meeting, the mail will be read before a phone message)

Due to a small error, the mail was directed to a wrong person. He typed the address wrong.

An elderly woman who lost her husband the same day experienced a heart stroke.

The moment she checked her mail, she screamed and passed out. At the screaming, her family rushed and read the message on the screen:

My lovely wife,
Just arrived. I miss you already. Waiting for your arrival tomorrow.

P.S. This place is heaven.

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