Short Story: Siya’s Secret Ghost 3

Chapter 3

Genre: Horror Story

Title: Siya’s Ghost’s Revelation

Characters: Siya, Rosey, Gary, Peter

Plot Details:

The ghost replies to their queries making them fear what the future holds. Siya realizes that there is a ghost in her house after he speaks for himself in his coarse voice. After dragging Gary back to the room, Siya tries to open the door with utmost force she can apply. The door doesn’t budge. Peter offers his help and leaves Rosey to hold Gary alone. Siya rushes to help Rosey lift his weight before they both collapse on the ground. As Peter walks to the door, it opens automatically banging him on the ground. They try the phone as well to realize it is not functioning. Out of fear, Peter decides to jump out the window. The next moment, Gary speaks and reveals that he was out of unconsciousness. Soon enough the lights are back, and Gary is awake too.

Gary makes his confession of scaring them by voicing as a ghost. He tells his story of what happened in the kitchen. When he found a cake in the fridge, he dropped the bottle on the ground. After hogging large pieces of cake, he stumbled over the bottle and banged his head on the ground. He was unconscious till he was brought to the bed. After watching his friends trying to convince the ghost, he decided to be the ghost.

Siya, Rosey, and Peter decided to bring a ghost for real this time in the face of Gary.

Disclosure: The building security heard from outside that the door won’t open by Siya. He pushed and opened the door when it banged Peter to the ground. He had come to inform that the phone lines were out due to technical issues at the provider’s end. After attending to the neighbor who opened the door at the time he pushed the door open, the lights went out. Since it was dark, he rushed back to his cabin and the door shuts behind him. The moment he walks down to his cabin, lights return. And he doesn’t return to inform Siya.

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