Nova Series: Adventure of ‘Lost Diamond’ — Part II

Nova’s Tales: Series of stories about a school kid who is notorious and troubles everyone around him. This story focuses on an adventure of finding the most expensive stone — Blue Diamond.

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“Don’t joke, Coco. This is no time for it,” Barry scolds her.

“This is not a joke. The diamond is missing from the box,” Coco emphasizes each word.

“Mom, you lost the diamond?” Nova asked from the backyard.

“No, I did not.” She looked tensed and frustrated at the same time.

“But, it’s lost. Dad, did you?” Nova set next to Barry and asked.

“Are you kidding me? I didn’t even get to touch it,” Barry complained.

“Does it mean that aunt did not trust you, dad?” Nova’s detective skills were out to play.

“Of course not. She trusts me very much. Rule me out from your list, Nova.” Barry narrowed his eyes and warned Nova. The question hung in the air, why Barry was not given the diamond to hold and see?

“Mom, how many are these?” Nova asked Coco , holding his fingers out.


“Okay, its confirmed you are not sleepwalking.”

“When have I sleep-walked?” Coco was agitated.

“Did you check the right box?” Barry interrupted.

“Yes. I’ll show you both.” Coco takes Barry’s hand, carries Lola in her arms, and Nova follows them to the dressing table. The drawer was open, and she pointed out to an exposed box. The box was lying empty on top of various other small boxes.

“Mom, did you change its place at night?”

“No, I didn’t come to the drawer until today morning.”

“Means you changed its place today morning.”

“No, I did not. I opened the drawer this one time, and when I opened the box, it was empty.”

“Dad did not take it, you did not lose it…” Coco was about to backfire when Nova continued, “Lola?”

“She can’t have taken it,” Coco objects.

“Mom, she can open the drawer?”


“Can she pick the boxes inside?”

“Some. Those which are kept in the front. The diamond box was kept at the end of the drawer.”

“Means that Lola did not do it.”

“What are you both doing? Coco, let’s go to aunt and tell her the truth,” Barry interrupted.


“We need to get the police involved. This must be a matter of robbery,” Barry shouted.

“Slow down. I know it is somewhere here.” Coco realizes and looks at Nova, “Did you take it?”

“I am the detective, mom. Ever seen the one solving the case turning out to be the culprit?” Nova gave her a look of disbelief.

“Nova, you are no Nancy Drew.”

“I am the Sherlock Homes,” Nova proudly declares. Barry giggled at Nova’s determined and Coco’s give-up expression.

Coco takes a deep breath and says, “So, Sherlock Homes, what’s your take into this?”

“I think dad did not take it, you did not take it, Lola did not take it… and I did not take it,” he concludes.

“That’s a remarkable find,” taunts Coco.

“And Czar did not take it,” Barry announces.

“What will I do?” Coco was worried.

“Let’s sweep this place clean. Maybe mom misplaced it while on her way to the drawer,” Nova suggests.

“Yes, that’s it. The diamond was in my hand and I was checking it before I put it in the box and moved it to the drawer. But, that must be my illusion,” Coco thought loudly.

“You think it was dropped and you did not realize it?”

“Maybe,” Coco made an innocent face.

“Do you realize the room is a mess? Cleaning it will take time.”

“We have to do it before aunt comes out,” Coco pleads.

“Let’s start the search for the lost diamond,” Nova declares.

Barry settles Lola in her cot and drops some jelly beans to engage her. The trio starts cleaning the room, Nova putting his toys back in the toy-cart, Barry carries the clothes lying everywhere on the floor to the laundry, and Coco sweeps out every corner with a broom. Once done with their first task, they moved to other activities to check every spot in the room.

“The room is shining,” Nova speaks with a surprising tone.

“I have never seen it so clean,” Barry adds.

“It is not here,” Coco announces.

“Let’s check the living room. Maybe you dropped it there,” Nova suggested.

“Yes, let’s check. Maybe, I don’t realize but I must have dropped it after getting off the couch itself,” Coco agrees and rushes to the room.

They check the floor that leads to their room. “Maybe, it was dropped, and someone took it and kept at a safe place in the room.”

“Who would do that?” Barry asked.

“I don’t know. But, this room is our only hope. We have to check everywhere. For instance, someone unknowingly kicked the diamond under that couch,” Coco points out a couch and bends to check inside.

Slowly, they all start cleaning every spot in the room in a hope to find the diamond left lying alone somewhere. Eventually, they give up after almost an hour of search.

Sitting on the couch, Barry spoke, “We have to tell aunt and call the cops now.”

“I agree. But, I can’t tell her. She will be super angry and upset. What have I done?” Coco cries.

“You have to. I can’t tell her. She will burn and pull me into the fire with her. You know how much she likes me!” Barry sarcastically added the last statement. After a moment, he said “You have to explain to her.”

“I will do it,” Nova offers.

Coco gets off her couch and walks to Nova, “You will? Tell her. I’ll be behind you and will explain to her.” She pulls him into a hug. She believed that aunt will be less angry with Nova as he is her favorite and just a kid.

“Promise me, you will get me a pack of Walkers’ chocolate cookies,” Nova said.

“I promise. I’ll get two for you.”

Nova takes the stairs for aunt’s room and knocks at the door. Aunt Jennifer opens the door and invites Nova inside. Coco and Barry stand close to the wall next to the open door hiding from aunt. Coco chants and prays.

“I am sorry, Nova, I could not stay for long,” Jennifer kneels in front of Nova.

“Mom is sorry too, aunt,” Nova reveals.


Coco and Barry were scared of what was coming next.

“Mom lost the diamond that you took today morning,” Nova confesses.

Their heartbeats were heard loud, but realization dawned soon enough. Coco whispered to Barry, “Today morning?” They came out from the hiding and walked towards them.

“What did mom lose?” Jennifer looked at Nova and then at Coco surprisingly.

Nova walks to the bed where the box was lying, opens it, and removes the diamond. “This. She lost this.”

“Nova, you knew the diamond was with aunt all the time,” Coco wails.

“Yes, I told her where it was kept and helped her take it.”

“You thought you lost the diamond? Oh My God!” Looking at Nova, she said, “I told you to inform your mom about it.”

“Oh, I forgot.” Looking at Coco, “Mom, I did what I promised, now it’s your turn,” Nova was indicating to his bribe. When he realizes his favourite cartoon will start within minutes, he runs out to watch it.

Barry starts laughing after Nova leaves the room. Coco sits on the bed with her hand covering her face.

“We thought the diamond is lost and searched it everywhere. We cleaned two rooms spotless,” Barry informs.

Jennifer laughs and adds, “At least, now the rooms are clean. Good that Nova forgot to tell you,” and concludes, “Nova solved the case of ‘lost diamond’ which was already solved as he had known the truth all along, ”she thought loudly and winked.

Barry and Jennifer laughs and adds, “Our little Sherlock Homes.”

Moral: Confront the truth because it can be hidden in any form or with a kid 😛

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