Short Story: Siya’s Secret Ghost 2

Chapter 2

Genre: Horror Story

Title: Siya’s Unhappy Ghost

Characters: Siya, Rosey, Gary, Peter

Plot Details:

Rosey had realized that there was a ghost in the house. The rolled-over-dented bottle near the wall convinced her. As for Peter, he was still not clear why Gary was sleeping on the floor. Rosey and Siya decided to leave the house before the ghost decides to knock them all down. There biggest problem was taking an unconscious Gary out the house. Peter suggested to lift him, which sounded like lifting a bulldozer with few bare hands. Siya, Rosey, and Peter held him up and walked to the room. Leaving Peter and Rosey to hold Gary, Siya walked to the door to open it. She quickly realised that the door was locked. Initially, Rosey and Peter thought Siya was joking about it. Soon enough the realised they were stuck in this apartment. Considering their floor, they would need super-powers to fly 10 floors down to the ground.

It clicked to Peter and he stepped towards the door to kick it open. He didn’t realise, Rosey would have to held Gary alone. Barely was Rosey holding him up, Siya joined her and saved them from kissing the floor. Peter confessed that he didn’t think over because he was over-excited to save them all. Before Peter could kick the door, it opened and banged he’s head and threw him on the floor.  All three got scared knowing how things were turning out to be. Their chances of survival were dropping every minute. If they try to leave through the door, the ghost will attack again. It was clear to them that this ghost was tracking their every move.

Siya suggested that they should talk to the spirit. After analysis the facts, she strongly believed that the spirit was not trying to harm her. On this, Peter concluded that the spirit only wanted to harm Gary. Rosey agreed to it.

Once settled on the bed, they started calling the spirit in the best possible way. Peter bribed the spirit with alcohol thinking the spirit was a human once. Rosey and Siya tried requesting the spirit to let them go. They ensured that they were good people and never want to trouble the good spirit. While requesting, Rosey mentioned about her class test which was held the next day. Peter’s fear for the test grew larger than the ghost. As he has a habit of dozing off in the class, he missed the announcement and never studied. He blamed Rosey for not letting him know.

After everyone making the requests, Siya suggested that she should try opening the door. While she walked towards the door, the light wet off. Rosey assumed Siya has turned the light off, probably, to fool the ghost. She might open the door in dark, so the spirit can’t see to stop her. Peter didn’t share the same thought and he questioned Siya. Rosey teased Peter that Siya did so to scare him because he feared dark. Siya admitted that she did not turn the light off. The ghost replied with, “I did it!”

Last chapter speaks about how the friends together fight the ghost and live to give their class test.

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