Nova Series: Adventure of ‘Lost Diamond’ — Part I

Nova’s Tales: Series of stories about a school kid who is notorious and troubles everyone around him. This story focuses on an adventure of finding the most expensive stone — Blue Diamond.

It was a beautiful day with birds chirping from almost every tree in the park. Barry was out with Nova for a walk, after he persisted to go out in this pleasant climate.

“Look at that bird, dad.” He pointed out his finger to one of the many trees.

“There are so many here,” replied Barry.

“Look at where my finger is pointing. It is not pointing everywhere.” Nova moves his finger from one tree to another then settling down at the desired tree.

“Yeah! I see now.” Czar passed them and ran towards the lake in the middle of the park.

“The spring is here — the flowers are blooming, and the birds are signing,” Nova chimes.

“Fill your lungs with the sweet smell of earth…” sings Barry.

“It doesn’t smell sweet to me.” Nova makes faces and covers his nose with a hand.

“You’re right.” Barry looks around to find the source of the stench. He hears Czar barking from a distance. His eyes land upon Czar and then a man emptying a bag of waste into the fountain. “Stop. What are you doing?”

“Dumping the plastic waste,” replied the man.

“Contaminating my beautiful river. Look how horrible it looks now,” Nova complains.

“Why in the lake? It is against the law. Cops can put you behind bars,” Barry intervened.

“Plastic will be banned from using soon. I have no use of them. So I am getting rid of it now,” said the man.

“You should throw them in the dumping bins.”

“There are none here in this area.”

“Why?” asks Nova.

“Some people steal it whenever a new bin is placed. Since then no bins are placed,” the man answered.

“Listen, our place is not far from here. We have a dustbin outside our gate which you can use to throw your waste.”

“That is very thoughtful and kind of you. Thank you.”

“Can we take the remaining waste and throw it in the bin?” Nova requests.

“I owe you,” said the man.

Barry and Nova starts their journey towards home with Czar running by their side in a zig-zag way. Within 5 minutes, they reach the gate of their bungalow.

“I will throw it,” Nova insists. Barry hands him the bag and he carefully throws it in the bin. “It was so easy.”

“Yes. So, you should always throw waste in dustbins and not anywhere else.”

Coco opens the door after Nova rings the bell thrice. “What takes you so long?” asked Barry.

“I was cleaning the kitchen, so my hands were dirty.”

“Mom, you should dump the kitchen waste only in a dustbin.”

“Wow. My son has become smart.”

“Don’t flatter me. Where did you throw it? Out the window?” Nova looked shocked at this thought.

“No. I have thrown it in the kitchen dustbin.”

“Wow. My mom has become smart.”

Barry breaks in a hysterical laughter and everyone else joins him.

At dinner table, “Barry, get some fresh fruits tomorrow.”

“Why? Is some guest coming over?” That very moment Coco’s phone rings and she answers. She walks to the kitchen while talking on her phone.

Minutes later, she joins them at the table with dessert for all.

“Who was it on the phone?” asked Barry.

“Jennifer Lee,” speaks with a mouthful of chocolate cake.

“Is she coming? Is she?” Nova was enthusiastic to find out.

“Please say she is not. Please,” Barry was anxious to find out.

“She is coming,” declares Coco.

“Shit. I am going away,” Barry hogged his cake.

“Eat slow. She is not coming right now,” teased Coco.

“When is she coming, mom?” queried Nova.

“Tomorrow afternoon after you return from school.”

“Honey, I’ll stay at a friend’s place overnight and go to office directly the next day.”

“You are trying to say that you will return when she leaves, aren’t you?”

“I am sorry, honey. I know she is your aunt, your mother’s sister, but I can’t stand her much.”

“But, I love her,” adds Nova.

“Because she brings the best gifts for you,” adds Coco.

“I am going out to see if Czar had his food.” Nova gets off his chair.

“You mean, going out to play with Czar,” Coco corrected him and smiled. Nova runs to the back door and opens the slider to jump out.

“I think I’ll go tonight,” Barry spoke. They were cleaning the table and putting the dishes away in the dishwasher.

“To whose place?”

“Alan Braveman, a good friend from my last company. It’s been ages we have met.”

“Alright. I’ll tell aunt that you have gone out for office training.”

“Thanks, honey.” Barry was about to kiss her when Nova yelled, “Mom, Czar is playing with me and not eating.”

Barry hastily moves back thinking Nova is coming and awkwardly says, “I’ll go pack my bag.”

Coco laughs and replies to Nova, “I know who is making him play.”

Barry walks to the stairs and starts ascending. When he reaches the third step, he falls and slides to the ground.

Coco comes running after hearing a distress noise coming from the stairway. “Oh no, are you alright?”

“Must have broken a bone or two,” Barry faked and corrected as soon as he realized how frightened Coco looked, “I was kidding. Nothing major, just sprain here and there.”

“I am sorry. I forgot to tell you that one of the stair slabs was broken.”

“I’ll call a mason to come and fix it tomorrow.” Barry tries to get up but fails. The pain shoots in his foot.

“Let me help you up.” Coco offers him support while he pushes himself up. She helps him to their room and on the bed.

Within half an hour, the doctor arrives and checks him for greater injuries. “You have a bad sprain. You need to keep off this foot for at least three days,” advises the doctor. He rolls a compression wrap to prevent further swelling.

“But, I am going out tonight.”

“Out of the question. You are lucky that the leg isn’t broken. Don’t try your luck again.”

“Can’t feel any luckier.” He cribbed with the thought of spending time with aunt Jennifer.

The doctor leaves and Nova rushes in. “Are you fine, dad?”

“Yeah. Don’t worry, kiddo. I am fit like a horse.”

“Oh. That means you will go tonight.” Nova turns and leaves thinking Barry is not going to stay back.

“He is sad because I am fine.” Barry laughs at his son’s childishness.

The next morning passes as soon as it arrives for Coco. Tending to Barry who is home-stuck. Helping Nova to get ready for the school. Preparing lunch for the family.

“Honey, I am going to pick Nova. You want anything now?”


Coco leaves the house and Barry enjoys his cup of coffee.

“It’s so peaceful. I hope it stays the same for more.”

“Of course! I am here to stay for more,” says Jennifer from the door.

Barry was shocked to see her. “How did you get in?” He politely adds, “Jennifer, how are you?”

“I am just as I was last time we met. But, you can’t say the same. What did you do?”

“I didn’t do anything. It was the stairs. But, how did you get in?”

“Czar showed me the backyard door which was left open.”

“Yeah. Coco leaves it open for him to let himself in whenever he feels like.”

“That’s my kind-hearted Coco,” she cooed.

“Sure, I am the devil here,” Barry whispered to himself.

Coco returns home with Nova. “Dad, did you miss me?”

“Yes, I did. Did you miss me?” Barry lifts Nova on his lap.

“Nope.” Barry tickles him till he confesses the truth.

“Nova,” calls Jennifer from the couch she was seating on.

“Aunt Jennifer, you are here.” Nova jumps off Barry’s lap and Barry shouts in pain.

“Be careful, Nova,” suggests Jennifer.

“Sorry, dad. Did that hurt?”

“Not more than a needle prick,” Barry fakes a smile while he was in huge pain.

Coco greets Jennifer on the first level and they settle on the dining table for the afternoon meal. Barry managed to walk out his room and join them. After lunch, Jennifer opens every gift she had brought for the family. For Nova, she had the Avengers toy set and ‘Return of the Wolverine #1’ comic book. For Coco, she had brought Gucci bag and Guess Seductive perfume.

“What’s for me?” asked Barry curiously.

Upon opening the box, Barry finds a book on ‘A Man’s Guide to Understanding Women.

“Apt book for you, isn’t it?”

“Totally.” Barry shows the book cover to Coco and she laughs after reading its title.

“Aunt, I too need a book to guide me understand mom,” requests Nova. Everyone laughs hysterically over Nova’s innocence.

“Coco, I have something important I want you to keep safe.” Jennifer opens a small box to display a shiny blue diamond. “This diamond is very expensive, and I have to safely move it to my bank at home.”

“I’ll keep it in a safe place.”

“Yes. I can’t afford to lose it.” Jennifer hands over the diamond to Coco. Coco takes it to inspect and says, “It really looks expensive.”

“Its worth is in millions.”

“It is beautiful, mom. Lola will love it.” Nova tries to take it from Coco’s hand.

“Thank God, she is sleeping right now. She loves shiny objects.” Coco secures the blue diamond in the box and takes it to the other room followed by Nova.

“Why are you carrying a diamond with you?” asked Barry.

“I was given the diamond by my husband and I had deposited it in a safe here. Now, I wish to take it back with me. Some good memories with it.” There was sadness in her eyes. Her husband had passed away five years back due to a heart stroke.

“It’s safe,” Coco declares.

“Mom, I am sleepy,” yawns Nova.

“Let’s go to bed.” Coco lifts Nova in her arms and wishes all a good night. Barry limps a little and reaches the room when Coco puts Nova on bed in his night clothes. He moves closer to Coco and whispers, “Finally we are alone and no one to disturb.”

Barry leans to kiss her when Jennifer shouts, “Coco, can you help me with some warm water for my sour throat?”

“Sure, Jennifer.” Coco holds her smile and gives a peck on his cheeks.

Next day morning, everyone woke up late as it was a Sunday. In the kitchen, Coco and Jennifer made breakfast for all while Barry helped with feeding the kids.

“Breakfast was delicious. I must say, you are an amazing cook, Jennifer,” confesses Barry.

“Thank you. You are not bad yourself.”

“Sorry, I can’t make anything for you in this visit.”

“Don’t stress. My visit isn’t long even.”

“What do you mean?” asked Coco.

“I have to leave within an hour. Don’t get angry. I have a meeting I can’t miss.”

“Why so sudden? It has only been a day, aunt,” Nova cries.

“Sweetheart, I’ll be back before you even feel my absence.”

“There, she is right,” adds Barry.

Nova hugs Jennifer before he runs to the backyard to play with Czar.

“I’ll take bath, get ready, and pack my bag.”


Coco decides to get the diamond to her aunt so that she can keep it safe in her bag.

Barry takes Lola and plays with her while Coco goes to the room where she hid the diamond, and Jennifer goes to the guest room for packing.

Within a minute, a cry is heard from Coco. She comes running, “It’s gone. It’s gone.”

“What is gone?”

“The Blue Diamond.”

Moral: You may hide it in the most secured place, but if it’s lost, be ready for an adventure.

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