Short Story: Kat—the cat | Episode 1

Story Title: Kat—the cat Episode 1
Genre: Kids
Characters: Kat (a cat), Turty (a turtle), Piggie (a pig), Batty (little girl)

Plot Details:

The food is served for Turty and Kat. Kat rushes to his bowl and starts eating while Turty starts his walk to his bowl in the kitchen. Piggie arrives at the kitchen window and demands his share. Kat denies as he wishes to finish the food alone. Turty doesn’t mind sharing, but it takes more than expected time to reach. Out of patience, Piggie jumps the window and enters the house. She eats from Turty’s bowl and finishes half of its content. Kat and Piggie are done and walks away to their respective places—Kat goes to the couch in the TV room and Piggie in her Sty outside the house. Turty manages to reach the bowl and starts eating when Batty enters the kitchen. She scolds Turty for the mud on the floor which was caused by Piggie who had walked in. She takes the bowl assuming Turty has eaten half of it and as a punishment, she offers the remaining food to Kat who was silently sitting on the couch. As a reward for being a good boy, he gets to eat Turty’s share.

Turty accepts it and ends the episode by saying he would have his dinner early!

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