Real Story 3—I Am My Own Saviour!

Women PowerOn a day like this when she fights with her boyfriend and decides to travel back home alone, a tragedy should not have happened. Destiny had some plans of its own and she was to face it—either suffer or overcome it.

It was late after mid-night that she took a cab home from one of her friend’s party. She did not want to share the same car as her boyfriend after a heated argument. With pure bad luck, the car broke down at nowhere between two cities on a road in midst of dense trees. The cab driver apologized and informed her that the car won’t start without a mechanic. She decided to not wait for the mechanic to come and get the car to function.

While walking on the road, she tried calling her friends but with no success. No sooner did she disconnect her last attempt, she heard a vehicle roaring and heading towards her. She stepped in the woods to avoid any encounter with trouble. The vehicle came closer and she realized it is a truck. At that very moment, her phone rang and the truck stopped. She silenced it but it was too late. The men in the truck got off and found her behind the tree. In minutes, she was loaded in the truck cuffed.  She realized that she was not alone but among many other girls similarly cuffed and tied. She struggled to knock the kidnappers but failed because she was injected with drugs.

After a few hours, when she regained her consciousness she saw many women around her who looked beaten. She got petrified when she digested her situation but not lost. She pulled herself and didn’t let her destiny decide her life. She knew that her phone would have been gone. She looked around her for something—some idea that can bring her and these ladies freedom.

Her eyes fell on the floor board which was completely rusted and clear cracks. She roamed her eyes to her truck-mates and found her weapon. One of the girls was wearing a floor-length gown party with a buckle at her waist. She immediately moved to her position and settled with her back at her. The moment the other girl realized her plan, she helped her with untying the bucket from her dress. Moments later, she cut the buckle off the dress and used it to cut rope from her hands. While doing her efforts, she instructed every girl in the truck to not make too much of noise. They continued their wailing and shouting while she cut the ropes off every hand.

She used the buckle and scraped through the floor opening a small passage. In coordination with the other girls, they made sure the cutting sound did not travel the kidnappers. With the same sharp buckle she punctured the fuel tank and waited for the right time to take the next action.

The truck slowed down and came to a halt within minutes of puncture. Meanwhile, she had instructed others their work of action. Before the truck door was opened, all the girls kicked the door out making the kidnappers tremble on the road. She jumped out and grabbed a rock from the driveway using it on them. They laid their unconscious when she grabbed their phones to use maps and find their way out of the woods. She was wise to not call for help from their numbers thinking the number will be traced or used for future consequences. Then she removed the batteries and hid it in the woods before taking their pictures.


They ran towards the north of the highway and kept on going till they came across a junction that rooted two different directions. Deciding wisely, the girls separated into two groups and headed towards the closest phone booth. She ran as fast as she could with her group of 2 more girls. They reached another junction after 20 mins of walk and used a local phone from a shop to call help. She managed to call her boyfriend who immediately reacted to the situation and left for her. She waited with the girls and hoped someone comes looking for them before the kidnappers did.

Almost close to giving-up and the cars on road were minimized to almost zero. They were scared but didn’t let their courage evaporate. Within the next 5 minutes, the car driven by her brother and husband came to an halt at the junction as she had instructed. Before she could come out of hiding, the car driven by some strange men came to halt at the junction. Her heart knew they were not good men and if she came out they might harm her family too.

To her dismay, her brother started driving straight on the road and she feared she will not be able to stop them. Spontaneously, she took a rock and threw at the car before it drove off. Luck favored and the kidnappers took the right turn that would take them to the spot they had escaped from.

She moved fast and ran towards the car which had stopped. Upon watching her running, her boyfriend moved out off the car and hugged her tight. “let’s go. let’s go.” That’s all she muttered and they moved. While on the road driving towards the city, she cried and cried and cried. She released her courage, anxiety and cloaked up fear all at once.

—One should not let the situation take better off you. Fight, because you can and you know things will be better only if you try.

She tried and succeeded in saving not only her but the other girls. (Her family had reported about her while she went missing. The police informed that they have found more girls and their story matched hers.)

Yes, she showed courage and saved many lives. But is she going to show courage and catch the culprits to save more lives?

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