One-Minute Read: Pet Mystery

Did you realize the weekend is here? Or even for you, every other day of the week had blended in together and made you oblivious to which day you are living in? Join the club 😊 

The only differentiator and an eye-opener are the weekly off from the office which probably falls on a weekend for you too. Isn’t this like solving a mystery? All you had to do was wake and do a happy dance because your office is shut today. Well, the dance part is not literal, I know it’s already hard to get out of bed, so dance is a far thought. The bottom line is you solve this mystery simply by waking up and knowing you don’t have to work today. Well, I solved that mystery too today morning. When I woke up, I realized with a funny wide-eyed look and told myself, “I can write for my readers today. Finally!” 😉

And here I am, chit-chatting with you about how a mystery can be a mystery. It’s weird when I put it like that but when a mystery becomes a further mystery, it definitely qualifies for that line. Do you sometimes wonder that a lot of things happening around you are beyond your understanding? Especially, when it’s something done by your dearest animal friend. Yup, that crap is of bouncer level 5. Let’s look at some of the funny and mysterious incidents that probably has happened with all pet-lovers, pet-owners or pet-parents, whatever you prefer calling yourselves. 

Scene 1.0

While Sam was cooking dinner, Lucy (Sam’s Burmese cat) was lazing around under the dinner table. She was idly playing with the yarn and making meowing sounds. “The food is ready,” called Sam from the kitchen. Putting the food in her bowl, he brought it outside the kitchen and left it near the wall.

“It’s your favorite tuna, eggs and rice. And you will finish everything. I’m not going to let the leftovers sit in your bowl and attract roaches. So, you better eat it all and clean your bowl out.”

While he was talking to Lucy, not that she was going to listen to him or anything, he went inside the kitchen to get his food plate. Returning to his table, he sat down with his plate and began eating. Soon enough, he realized that Lucy was under the table, back in her place. “Don’t you want to eat? I thought Tuna was your favorite. Come on, go to your food,” he said as he turned towards the food bowl to point it out. And that said food bowl sat in its corner empty except for the rice. Sam couldn’t stop himself from laughing. 

Wouldn’t you want to laugh, at least smile, at this mystery of stolen food? How did she finish so quickly? Did she really eat it by the time he walked out of the kitchen? Though you know well, if investigated, you’ll find the missing food in Lucy’s stomach. And most of all, the fact that Lucy was sitting in her favorite place as if she hadn’t moved at all shows how easily she can make something disappear. How does she do that??? 😵

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Scene 2.0

The moment the park came into view, Milo (Ava’s bulldog) started barking out loud enough to wake the dead from their grave. (Excuse my bluntness, no harm or hurt feelings intended towards anyone 👼)

“Shut up, Milo. People are growling at us, you stop growling at least,” Ava said and rolled her eyes affectionately. At least the dog showed some sense and stopped growling at the passersby. You definitely can rely better on an animal. But it didn’t stop him from barking continuously. Argh! When Milo went into the mood of shaking the neighborhood with his loud bark, he was unstoppable. And today was that day! 

Above non-stop barking and her own voice trying to stop him, she heard someone yelling at them, “Zip your dog or keep it locked inside the house. Such a menace.” Who can blame the shouter, huh? People tend to come to parks to have a quiet walk or sit peacefully while enjoying the nature around them. And here was Milo with a mission to break that peace.

She grabbed him and tried shushing him, and it looked like he was trying to shush her too in his own language. Woof-Woof! Yup, dogs can be competitive. Just on the verge of giving up and returning to the park exit, (someone in the universe might have seen her situation) Milo stopped barking. It was difficult to comprehend whether to cry or laugh at his mood swings. What in the park had stopped him from getting them kicked out? Was it the people, the trees, the wind, the dogs nearby, or just the fact that he was no longer in a mood to bark? If only, Milo could answer. Whatever happened, it worked. And with the pet, one should only be grateful and not try to shed light on it. Right? 

Weren’t these situations funny to be in? Well, if I wanted to, I could go on sharing more scenarios, but this page will be insufficient. And I need to stop somewhere as I am told (“Keeping your words limited & content precise is the key to success. Remember to STOP!”)

Taking these sentiments into consideration, I am stopping, bidding goodbye and asking to not attempt to resolve every mystery you come across. Very hazardous for your mind, body & time! Trust me I know. But, of course, you can share those mysteries here for me to have a laugh too. 😊 Adios!!! 

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