Never Know What Happens…

FatherHe was a hardworking member of the family — taking responsibilities to support and nurture his loved ones. Never was he been asked if he wills to do so, it was assumed he would do so. Father was a hardworking man who single-handedly brought bread on the table of one wife and two children. He worked twice a man’s duty to bring in the best for us all. Father spent all his evenings toiling extra after his work, hoping to be a bigger and a high-earning man. Except for Sundays, father could never be a part of our meals. His meals came with defined time, whereas ours involved talks about school, hobbies, achievements, new learning, and more. Father worked very hard to provide his family with the best of what money can buy.

We complained… complained more that he was not spending enough time with us. Father used to say, “I am doing all this for my family.” But silently he yearned to spend more time with his family.

To his joy, Father cracked his long-pending deal, and with favorable profits. Soon after, he started receiving more deals which paid handsomely. Like father used to say dreams come true, he could now buy little luxuries for his family like good clothes and good food.

However, Father was still busy with his work and his family could not see him more often. He persuaded to close a bigger deal, hoping to earn a better profit. In fact, to make himself a worthily candidate for the contract, he grew his client base to offering more services — gaining increased workload.

Still, whenever the family complained that he was not giving enough time to them, he said, “I am doing all this for my family.” But silently he yearned to spend more time with his family.

Father’s hard work again paid off and he sealed another big deal. Euphorically, he employed a domestic help to relieve his wife from daily chores. Moreover, he moved us to a bigger apartment to ensure we enjoy the comfort and facilities of a big house. Having experienced the perks of his hard work, Father involved himself deeper into working hard and earning more. His desire to take his family on vacation tours manifested and he worked hard to make it come true. Again, the family did not get to see him much. With every passing time, Father started working on Sundays even. So whenever the family complained that he was staying too busy and not spending enough time with them, he said “I am doing all this for my family.” But silently he yearned to spend more time with his family.

As believed, Father’s efforts paid off again and his hard work bought a vacation house for his family on the coast of Mauritius. On their first day at their new house, father announced to his family that he will not run behind money, and spend more time with his family. From that moment, he promised to devote equal time to his family and work.

Next day, Father did not wake up to keep his promise.

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