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Are you also among those who keep on cribbing about their excessive weight? Do you like to just complain like those others? Did you try to reduce through measures like exercise, fasting, or a simple diet program? I am sure the first two are already tried and given up. Exercising is too strenuous and fasting is too difficult. The temptation and hunger brings you to the losing side. Then why follow these instead of a diet plan? There at least you don’t have to completely give up food and exercise till your body aches.

Each body has a tendency to react to different diets, understanding its suitability is very important. Some bodies are not strained by an aggressive diet like juice diet, fruit diet and pulses diet. Some bodies are even good at surviving the day on one meal. But not everyone is capable of undergoing these medium. Most of us are working individuals; hence exercise or hard diet is not feasible. Our body needs the energy it can consume from the food intake.   

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A simple diet plan is needed that suits every individuals needs and is easy to follow. With this task in mind, I tried and made my friends try many diet options or variations to see which fits the best. After bouncing from one diet plan to another, I found the prize for which I have been working so hard. “Country diet plan” came alive with so many people already tried and tested it. It became a hit among my friends and their friends and so on. Now, it is also recommended and practiced by various fitness clubs. It is easy to implement and execute, chances of failure are zero. I tried, my friends did, their friends did too, and you can do it as well and be in my list.

This is an everyday diet plan that helps in reducing the intake of fatty and chemically exhaustive food. It encourages low-calorie diet which gives enough calories required for the well-being of the body. 

Another advantage of this plan is that it is not high-end but consist easily available ingredients.


1 plate of mixed fruits or 1 cup cereals

1 slice of whole wheat toast

2 tablespoons of honey

1 cup Fennel water/milk

Lunch: 1 slice of bread or toast (Indian bread will also do)

1 cup: cooked vegetables (without oil)

1 cup: Buttermilk

Dinner: 1 plate mix fruit

2 cups boiled cooked pulses (less oil)

1 glass milk

(Excess water {Drinking water, Lemon water, Raw mango water etc.} in intervals)

Kindly avoid cheese, butter, clarified butter and paneer at all cost. If you love spices, go ahead and add them to achieve the desired taste. If you really wish to reduce don’t avoid eating but eating the foods that will imbalance your diet plan.

A healthy diet is a necessity so is healthy food. A healthy diet can include milk-based products which are high in proteins and cholesterol. Healthy food can also include milk based products like curd, paneer, clarified butter, etc. but it cannot be consumed if you want to see yourself slimmer than your dearest enemy.

Take this as a challenge and accomplish it because it is not difficult at all when you have ample of options to eat and not starve till you surrender. Our biggest problem is food options scarcity which is equivalent to fasting that causes us to let go our mission and surrender to the temptation of food. But with this plan you can not only eat but also reduce eventually.

This is not a few days plan resulting into a quick magical outcome but a continuous procedure that will surely give you your desired results.

What’s better? Add exercise in this diet plan. Not the sweat-till-you-wet exercise but a little walks every day after the meal. Let your food be digested properly so that it doesn’t stay stored in your body and turn into your body mass. Everyday walking habit will ensure a good digestive system resulting into clean body.

The easiest of all diet plans because it includes eating. Enjoy your food, my friend!! 

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