10 Most Nonsensical Ads In Today’s Time


The guy barges into any house and storms straight into the bathroom to clean the toilet. Does he not believe in asking for the permission first to use the bathroom? No one entertains such a stranger in your house. Well at least I won’t. ? 

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Emami Fair and Lovely:

A man sneaks inside a girls hostel to use a fairness cream. He gets caught by the girls and his guy friend advises him to use Emami. And in an instant he turns fair (it’s like the charcoal transformed from black to white). Is it really possible? If so than we will have white charcoals available too and India would have had only fair men. We should be proud of our not being “white” country and not get carried away with this fairness nonsense. ?

Oh, due to some controversies, the company changed its product name. I wonder what those would be, or it’s a simple marketing stunt?

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Park Avenue Beer Shampoo:

“Cheers to man hair”

A totally irrelevant ad showcasing a macho man with girly hair that shines. Least emphasis is given to the product and it’s qualities. It proclaims that man should not use female shampoos because they are “Man”. In order to make it look funny, they left the important essence behind – The Product Qualities and it’s benefits. How stupid of them. ?

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Colgate Toothpaste:

Someone needs to clarify whether it’s a toothpaste or a food item. It falls in Unbelievable facts category: Too many flavors available in a toothpaste. Even I get confused whether to eat it or just brush my teeth. Well, who can deny, it tastes good. ?

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Idea- IIN:

Am I the only one who cringes when the ad comes on TV? They market as if they have invented mobile internet protocol. Did IIN teach them we are fools? Than it is wrong on so many levels. ?

Oh, but now, ‘idea’ was a bad idea and doesn’t exist anymore.


Are you sure it’s only a mango drink? Because after drinking it, Katrina looks drunk to me. Why is she romancing with mangoes and the bottle of mango juice? Weird! It seems like a new version of “Kamasutra” named “Aamsutra”. Are you kidding me? We as buyers need to know what’s added in the drink if we don’t want our sisters or daughters to behave the same. Well if our wives acts like this…. ?

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Salman khan can go all the way to the Swiss alps wearing just a warmer and chappals. Either he is immune to cold the way he is immune to girls (Koi farak hi nahi padta) or he adventures in wearing inappropriate clothing. Though he looks like fashion conscious to me (Sun-Glasses, seriously?) And someone please tell me how can a chappal belt save a girl from falling into the valley? Either the elastic of the belt is too strong or the girl is too light. Strange! ?

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If a stranger offers you a chocolate, please don’t doubt him or question him and above all don’t deny the chocolate. Just take it and eat it as if it was not spiked. Only than you will be termed as “brave”. Oh sorry, an “idiot”, maybe.  My parents taught me not to take any eatables from strangers but it seems like her parents taught her otherwise. What did your parents tell you? ?

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If your daughter is not agreeing to get married, all you have to do is take her to tanishq outlets. Well, only if you have loads of money in your pocket. Jewellery is all she needs to change her mind. I would change my mind too, not once but many times only if multiple marriages were allowed in India. ?

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They have proved that even teeth can flash light henceforth teeth should be used instead of bulbs. The extend of its truthfulness is that the trunks of the elephants lights up too. No tooth is an exception, how effective! Happydent has saved investing in technologies. It seems like its motto is to help in reducing global warming. Well at least someone is contributing to our universe. Why was happydent not invented before, global warming would have not occurred. Huh! Truly sad. ?

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This article was originally published in 2016.