Short Story: Kat—the cat | Episode 2

Story Title: Kat—the cat Episode 2
Genre: Kids
Characters: Kat (a cat), Turty (a turtle), Piggie (a pig), Batty (little girl)

Plot Details:

Turty is watching a show on ‘Purple Turtles’ when Kat walks out from Batty’s mom’s bedroom and sits on the couch. Kat tries to take the remote away from Batty, but she doesn’t let him. Kat is bored and wants to go out. He challenges Turty and probes Batty to take him out. Batty receives a call from Moi and she decides to go out to her place to play. Kat believes that he has won the challenge of going out with Batty, but it was Turty who got the chance to go. Batty and Moi had planned to created a mini-dress for Turty with help from Moi’s mother.

In the end, Kat loses the challenge and ends up getting his name changed.

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Watch Kat—the cat | Episode 1

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