Does it Matter?


Sad reality: It matters a lot! I believe it matters hugely. Truth says, “You are what you wear”. What you wear makes or breaks your first impression. Have you ever been treated differently when you’re dressed up in trendy fashion rather than your sloppy old clothes with coffee stains on them? Even if you’re a person of gem, you’re sending out the wrong signals. People are good at picking the wrong one’s very quick. If you dress up properly, people will treat you more seriously.

Question is why would anyone treat someone in his old ,sloppy clothes nicely if they don’t even know what kind of a person he is? Don’t believe people judge you by your talent, behavior or personality. First basis for judging you relies on the clothes you were and how you carry them. No one really cares who you are as a person when they meet you for the first time.

People label you in their minds depending on the clothes you wear. No matter how many times people are told not to judge a book by it’s cover, it still happens.


Sad reality: Attractiveness comes when you are dolled up with makeup and look artificially beautiful.Another sad story is men prefer women with makeup over the natural beauty. To grab a guy’s attention, now woman don’t just wear make-up, they wear a full-on disguise the sort you might adopt if you were evading a capture.

Women wears makeup to look like a completely different person, which makes me wonder do they not like the way they are. Its always been a fact that people notice the face first, than the body and later the person as a whole. So today, we women decided to put our time and efforts on our face (Not only makeup but treatments/Surgeries) than our body (Clothes/Shape) and lastly as a person (Behavior/Nature/Mannerism).

Whoever lathers on the make-up to the point where they look like a doll I find it off-putting and distinctly less appealing because it’s not real, it’s a mask. Its like hiding behind your own self for no particular reason. Its like being yourself will repel people or thinking that you are not good as you are.

Be it professional life or personal, covering the face with makeup is a habit every girl follows. Women tend to change their personality adopting a lot of attitude. Their walk changes and they start talking with unnecessary panache. I’ve got absolutely no problem with make-up, as long as the person underneath remains vaguely recognizable.

*Don’t change your outlook towards life. Don’t change your personality. Don’t change yourself.