Bow & Arrow: Be One at a Time

Bow and ArrowNot always we realize that we play either of the two important roles in our life. Haven’t we all heard either we can become the hero of a story or the supporting role without which the hero can never win in the end? Becoming any one of the two is a respectable role and none holds a lesser weightage as otherwise perceived. Given the time and situation, one has to pick which role is the most suitable to oneself and beneficial to others. Why be a hero when it is not required and why give up being a hero when it is most needed? Most of us are pets to superiority and our inclination is towards being called a hero. But do we do justice to our role of heroism at large? What if we had chosen to take the supporting role and did wonders? Isn’t it better to choose the latter if we can achieve what we had intended?

Have you ever thought how a bow and an arrow are connected to each other and without the other, they might not be able to serve their purpose in life? Together, they are a powerful weapon which can fight hard and win a battle. But, what if one is left alone without the other to help each other be what they are supposed to? In that case, each will lose its value and true purpose of life. When a bow is left alone, it is useless and no one will appreciate for what it can do. Can it do anything alone? Can it do when clubbed with the right partner? Yes, it can achieve a lot of things and its purpose can be fulfilled. When an arrow is left alone, it cannot have its full potential and no one will know its powerful side. But, when set with its partner in crime, it can be a weapon to defeat every enemy and protect oneself and all those who we love. Isn’t it better to keep the two together and use, instead of using it alone? Do they feel insecure knowing that alone they can’t function to their potential? No, they don’t. Because they know they are the best and the most happening when together. They even look good together (pun intended)

We, as humans, should also pair ourselves with the one who completes us and brings out the best in both. Don’t feel dependent if you can’t function your best when alone. It’s all about knowing what’s best for you and your talent. Everyone is different and so are their needs. Sometimes, you will be someone’s bow and play the supporting role, and sometimes, you will be the arrow and play the lead to bring victory to the holder, the bow, and yourself.

Be like a bow and help someone to reach their destiny while also you being appraised for your hard work. And be an arrow and reach your goals while someone is your bow who pushes you till you do it right. Never shy away from being the second because it too holds a very important place—it pushes you from behind to always keep going. And never be too proud be the lead, you are nothing without the one who stood as your motor driving and pushing you ahead in life.

Find your bow or your arrow and aim for the target—you both will win together.



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