I Live in a COUNTRY..

A country where beliefs are bigger than people | A country where society demands more from you than your own life | A country where rules are set even before you come to the world | A country where no one is yours except yourself


I live in a country where my neighbors and relatives are more interested in my board result than me.
I live in a country where people says something else on my face and does something else on my back.
 I live in a country that demands me to be educated for landing a job and still I don’t get a job.
I live in a country where elders are always right but not the one who has more brains.
 I live in a country where money matters more than self-development.
I live in a country where everyday is the day- full of struggle. 
I live in a country that tells me to be good but demands me to be bad- To get what I want.
I live in a country that smiles at me and laughs on my back—Because I am uneducated.
I live in a country that supports equality but practices gender discrimination.
I live in a country where people call themselves as one but divides themselves in casteism. 
I live in a country where religion facts and beliefs are more important than people and their likes.