Things To Do In Monsoon

Summer brings the appreciation for monsoon! Don’t you agree? Usually, we cry and crib about rains and how it leaves us drenched and dirty and demotivates us to ever step out of the house. But, once Summer is in, we can’t wait for monsoon to arrive. It is the tiredness from one that makes us understand the value of other.

Now that we are at the peak of summer in India, it has become a desperate situation to have the downpour begin. And looking at the sky, it makes me wonder that we aren’t far from that day now. Any moment, the clouds will tear open and bless us with a heavenly experience. The rain drops, cold breeze and muddy smell, it all adds up to a beautiful feeling, and that only gets completed with us staying at home or going away to desired places and doing what we love the most to make the season extra special.

No wonder people who are working from home are looking forward to rains more than the offline-working folks. But, are you wondering how you can take the most advantage of your work-from-home situation during the monsoon? Here’s some of the things I plan to do, and you are most welcome to try them too 😉

1. Take a pool-side nap (If it’s valley-side too, perfect combination)

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A little bit of drench is nothing in comparison to experiencing the landscape, the breeze and the fluffy clouds overhead. And let’s not discount the scenery, the greenery and the vast expanse of land as far as our eyes can take us. It’s a serene experience to have either alone or with someone, but definitely not in a group. A bit of chit-chatting or reading or enjoying hot drinks or simply listening to the nature, it’s the best way to spend the time in the monsoon season. And why not consider sleeping for a bit and rejuvenating the lost energy? So, book your getaway and spend your time between the nature’s wild beauty. (Of course, carry your work laptop along and do some work too)

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2. A Flowery Visit to ‘Valley of Flowers National Park’

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Located in Chamoli in the state of Uttarakhand, it is known for its meadows of endemic alpine flowers and the variety of flora. Yes, it owns a variety of awe-filled beautiful flowers with priceless fragrance and serenity. Imagine, standing on the vast expanse filled with flowers all around, colors to create a canvas and fragrance to feed the memory, it is the best feeling ever. If you are a trekker or an adventurer, you are in for a treat too as this place sits high on hills. On top of it, you might even get to meet rare and endangered animals, including the Asiatic black bear, snow leopard, musk deer, brown bear, red fox and blue sheep. Who needs friends when you have nature to keep you company, huh? (And let’s not forget office work to keep you busy)

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3. Monsoon Tea Tour

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Chai and monsoon is the best combination ever, don’t you agree? It reminds me of the tea plantations as the most stunning sights for a worthy picturesque backdrop. A perfect spot for a selfie too. Let’s getaway to the green world and get lost in the serene beauty of the nature with our cup of tea. Explore some spectacular tea plantation farms and stays in India with your fam now or just do it alone. And after exploring the tea plantation, bring back some fresh tea to your room to keep you awake while doing your office work. Some of the most popular places to visit are Taj Chia Kutir Resort & Spa (Makaibari Tea Estate), Glenburn Tea Estate (Darjeeling), Wild Mahseer Lodge (Assam), Windflower Resort & Spa (Wayanad) and Mayfair Tea Resort (Siliguri).

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4. Dinner On Balcony

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When nice weather, rains and cool temperature come knocking at your door, you’ll want to enjoy them as much as possible. Even better if you can do so at home! If you’re lucky enough to have a space like a terrace, a patio or a balcony, experience a romantic candle-lit dinner for two. Oh, and if you are single, a movie night on the balcony with good food is all you would need for an excellent time. Either way, don’t let go this opportunity to enjoy the rains and breeze from the comfort of your home.

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5. Dance In Rain

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Oh, wouldn’t it be fun to not enjoy the rains from sitting sheltered but dancing under it? Make a party out of it, call up your friends, pump up the music, set lights and get the groove going. It’s a perfect mix of nature and man-made entertainment. You don’t need a rain room to enjoy rain dance, open sky is all you need.

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Oh, did you expect me to share the most common things you can do and most suggest? Nope, be different and try different this monsoon season.

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