Poetry: Hands

Everyday hasn’t been fair on us, yet we floated through the hurdles and turbulence that life threw at us — that had only become possible due to our closed friends and family.

But, above all, it’s been our parents who made us self-assured, self-confident and self-reliant (Important attributes of life)

Hold on to those people…



Going through each day; facing and tackling each problem

Your hand stayed glued to mine!!!

Studying, playing, learning; writing a new chapter everyday

Your hand stayed glued to mine!!!

Making mistakes or doing something right; always deciding from my heart and mind

Your hand stayed glued to mine!!!



  • Shibani Shah, the founder of T.I.W and the author of His Love Play, believes in the art of writing and spreading her learning through the one open communication method she understands - interacting through words. Her writing has also appeared on AnimationXpress.