Real Story 3—So What if I am a Dancer?

True Short Stories‘Are you kidding me?’, she was shocked to hear her parents asking her to return back forever. ‘I have a career, mom.’

‘It is not a career. Why don’t you understand?’, she was frustrated now after discussing on this subject for almost ½ hour.

I walked to the window and released a breath before continuing, ‘Mom, I am not leaving my career. It is my dream to become a great dancer one day. I will pursue my ambition, get trained and make a name a professional dancer. Don’t ask me again to come back.’

‘If you do not leave your dancing craze, you are not welcome here. I am sure your if your father was alive, he would have done the same.’

I rushed to my room and shut the door. This is the situation every time I came to town. I know my dad would have never forced me to do something I don’t like or take it away what I love the most. My mom never liked my dream and she always forced me to leave. Seems like this is the last time I will be seeing my house where I grew up—the house where I learnt how to walk, talk and dance. I won’t leave my dream even for my dream house. Should I let me dream go?

I didn’t unpack everything but only the dress I was supposed to wear for the event. I was in the hallway where the party feel was alive. People flowed in and out with glasses in their hand. I have to mix in the crowd and not let anyone know my distress and loss. This is life.

I took a glass of my favorite wine and joined my childhood friends in the backyard.

‘No way. I am not going back in a relationship with him’, I told Jessy—one of my friend.

‘Den is just too handsome to resist and he is still into you. Look at the way he keeps looking at you. Think of coming back and making a life with him.’

‘I have a career to take ahead and a life to make. I don’t want to live in this place.’ Even mom argued with me because of my decision to not marry him. What is wrong with every one?

‘You are making a wrong decision?’ she turned and left.

‘Ignore her, Su’ Tony said.

‘Yes. She is just frustrated with her own life. She is finding it difficult to find a life-partner after her break-up with Kevin.’

I could understand her. It was the story of many in my home-town. The most important thing for them was getting married and raising a family.

‘Su, can you come here?’ Mom called me to join her group of friends.

‘Hi, Su. It’s been a long time we saw you in town.’

‘Yes, Last time I was here, when Susi got married.’

‘Yeah, your sister just looked fabulous on her wedding day. That reminds me, when are you getting married and I am hoping we are invited.’ She laughed at her own joke. (Yeah, her friends joined her too)

‘Nothing planned, Mrs. Ben.’

‘You have many guys waiting at your feet for you acceptance. Why don’t you choose one?’ she was clearly indicating Den.

‘I am not accepting anyone at this moment.’

‘Of course, she has her career, ladies. She can’t let that go for a life of bliss.’ Mom added.

‘Mom, please. I told you I don’t want to come back.’ I was irritated by her. Why she had to get her friends in? She brought me her with one intention it seems.

‘You are one stubborn girl. You should listen to your mom. She wants to do the right thing for you.’

I stepped back and stared at the floor with just one question: Why?

‘What?’, mom said.

‘Why, mom?’ I looked at her.

‘What why?’

‘Why me?’

‘What do you me?’

‘Do I have the rights to make my own decisions?’


‘Then why don’t you all accept it?’

‘Because your decision is wrong. You are of the age now and you should get married. And your career is not a respectable one. After getting married, you will be able to leave it behind’

‘Age doesn’t matter, mom. What matters is your wish. Your ambitions matter. Your plans matter. Your destination matters. I don’t care what my age is. And I love what I do. Stop telling me what is right and what is wrong. For you marriage is right, for me career is. I don’t say marriage is wrong but I am not ready for it. Even after I get married, I will not stop working—stop dancing. It is my passion and no one can take it from me. Mom, there is nothing wrong with dancing. People here think dancing is not for our society or our class. There is no class or status when you dance. We all watch shows where dancers are excelling. We compliment and appreciate their talent. But when it comes to one of your keen doing it, you deny it. Don’t do it. Appreciate what I do and encourage to reach those shows you watch and world tours you travel to just to see your favorite dancer. Let me take things at my pace, mom. I will get married when I find the right guy to settle with. I will raise a family and so will he. I can’t compromise my career because someone has to in a family. No, we both will work hard to become a family and run it successfully. The one I marry will understand my career and support me in my decisions towards it. You had your marriage on your terms to the one you love, mom…Let me marry the one I love—it is my passion to dance.’

Dancing Girl

That same day I left the town to go back to my new home—my old home was not my anymore. I had hoped that they would understand but it’s always said—it’s difficult to understand what other feels until you step in their shoes.

I chose my dream over my parents and society. Even if I fail, I will not regret and keep on trying. Someday when I succeed in my life, they will come back and appreciate what I did.

I will keep on working hard and let them take their time to understand.

I learned that: If they could not stop me—no one else can.

After Story: Mom came around after 2.3 years (not because she thinks like me but because she wanted me to be happy) and can’t speak much about the society. But who cares, right? 😉

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