Short Stories: Sarah’s Reluctant Fighter!

In this part, you will read about Sarah’s fight with Joe over his proposal of moving in together. A night that resolves their fight and brings them together.

A short romantic story about a teenage girl whose passion for dancing makes her meet the true love of her life. Read how Sarah meets Joe in a night club while strip-dancing to her favourite song here. In this part, you will read about Sarah’s fight with Joe over his proposal of moving in together. A night that resolves their fight and brings them together.

“How could he fight with me on such a silly thing?” I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror and grimaced. I had bags under my eyes which officially made me look like a zombie with a pale face. It was Joe’s mistake, he put me through this and made me ignore his calls or any effort of meeting me. If he hadn’t proposed to move half my belongings to his place, I would have been with him tonight. If he hadn’t pushed me to start living out of his house which I practically did even now, I would have been with him tonight. If he hadn’t been a jerk and fought with my big ‘NO’, I would have been with him tonight. Damn him! But, no, I am here in my bedroom looking at a crazy looking girl staring out the mirror.

It’s been two days now that we haven’t seen each other. And I would blame him if I break my determination and go see him tomorrow. Well, at least it would be pleasurable for me, can’t complain about that, can I? I brushed and combed before turning the overhead light out and moving to the bedroom. It was another night of struggling back to sleep. How a couple of days have made a huge difference in my sleeping preference? How I crave his warm body and managed to turn myself into a cuddle monster? Did I make a mistake by rejecting his proposal? I won’t mind sleeping while letting him hold me. Thinking like that makes me curse myself for acting stupid.

In the middle of the night, my phone rang when I had finally managed to sleep. Cursing, I answered without looking at the screen for the caller information.

“Hello,” I spoke in my sleeping tone.

“Ms. Sarah, it is Robinson here.” My eyes opened up in two wide saucers. Why was Joe’s driver calling me at this hour? Was he fine? “Mr. Barley has injured himself and would like to see you. He won’t listen to go to the hospital or call for a professional doctor.” I heard the innuendo flowing out loud and clear that I was not to have the option for mending his injuries because I was only a med student. Not that it mattered, I was more concerned about Joe.

“How bad is it?” My voice could not hide how scared I was.

“Doesn’t look like major, but it’s not a small wound. We have barely managed to stop the bleeding…”

Before he could finish, “What?”

“Please Ms. Sarah. I can come to pick you up if you agree.”

“Yes. Yes.”

After the call ended, I rushed to change into a decent pair of clothes and got the medical kit ready for the go. Though I was not a doctor yet, I had a kit for emergencies such as these. Some people could not afford hospital bills, so I tended to them for a bare minimum. By the time I was ready and ran out of the building to wait for Robinson, he had pulled out in front of me. I jumped in and we went off directly to his penthouse. The private lift took us to his place and I went inside without waiting for Robinson to show me around. I assumed he would be in his bed as he was injured.

“It is funny that you come here when Robinson asks, but not when I do,” he looked angry. Seriously? He is injured, but he is angry on me, wow!

“I came because you acted like an idiot and hurt yourself,” I walked to his side of the bed and sat.

“I hurt myself because someone acted mean and distant,” he complained.

“Hey, I wasn’t mean. You just acted childish after I denied your proposal.”

“You denied me what’s mine, and you expect me to not lose my mind?” he sounded angry again.

“I am sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you. Everything was happening too fast for me to grasp.” I sigh. “Can I check you first?”

“We’ll talk! And you are going nowhere tonight.” The determination in his eyes told me where exactly I’ll be in this night…on his bed and in his arms. Well, I can’t say no to that.

He relaxed and pulled the cloth tying his arm away. The wound that came into view wasn’t deep but long, thus too much of blood was lost. Looking at him, it didn’t look like he was at risk of losing consciousness.

“Get some orange juice and sugar cookies for him,” I asked Mrs. Bones, the housekeeper who was standing near the bedroom door.

“Yes, ma’am,” she disappeared outside and I started cleaning the lost blood which had started drying. It was a good thing that he did not need stitching because the cut was not very deep. A good dressing will do the trick. I made sure the wound was cleaned and disinfected before covering it close.

Joe sat back leaning on the headboard and had his juice while keeping his eyes on me. I went to the ensuite to wash my hands clean.

“How did you hurt yourself?” I asked him while walking towards the bed and started putting the medical items back in my bag.

In between his sips, he replied, “In gym. I lost balance on the treadmill and fell off.”

“How distracted were you?”

“Very. And the reason was you. So, you better blame yourself.”

“Sure, my presence distracts you and now my absence distracts you too.”

“Absolutely. You are my Ms. Distraction.” I laughed at his little joke when he gave me his most dead-serious look.

Mrs. Bones and Robinson bid their goodbyes and left letting us know they were around if we needed anything. No sooner did he finish his drink, he had me exactly where he wanted me—in his arms under him.

“Joe, what…”

He kissed me hungrily.

I glared at him when he lifted his head, “Joe…”

And he kissed me again.


He kissed me again, this time much longer. Oh, he looked like he was enjoying this game. When I opened my mouth again, he cocked an eyebrow. I huffed and rolled my eyes as he pressed his lips to mine again. If he wants to talk after sex, I am fine with it…why would I complain again?

He smiled when he understood that I had resigned and was accepting whatever was about to come my way. He stroked my soft skin with his thumb and leaned to kiss me again while his other hand went to roam over my body. I pushed him away to speak, “Be careful with your hand,” I was panting hard.

“I am fine now that you are here.” And he dived back to kissing me hard. Soon enough my clothes came off followed by his. My whole body came to life and I was eager to have him fuck me.

His kisses on my body sent shivers all over and I had to beg him to take me. I was literally losing my patience now. But he seemed satisfied just by tasting every inch of me. When he rasped his lips over one hyper-sensitive nipple, I writhed beneath him. Groaning, I grabbed his hair and pulled him to kiss him.

“Joe…” The moment the word was out of my mouth, he pushed in. Our moments were synchronised and we were lost in our love-making. It wasn’t hard and it wasn’t rough, it was slow and sensuous. He continued kissing me while holding my hips in his grip. My legs went to his waist and held him to me. Pleasure swamped us in huge waves and seeped deep into our skin and setting us on fire from inside out. We found our release together and felt sated in each other’s arms.

“You are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

“Me? You think I am beautiful?” Of course, I knew that. But, hearing it coming out of his mouth was making my fantasies come true.

“Yes, you are. You take my breath away.”

“Being a doctor, I cannot allow that,” I teased and smiled.

He kissed my nose and said, “No. With you by my side, I’ll live.”

“Joe, I want to be with you, but I am scared,” my voice was barely a whisper.

“I know, baby. I am sorry that I didn’t understand that before. I won’t push you to come stay with me. But I won’t even let you stay away for more than a day.”

“Not more than a day, huh? What do you plan to do if I disobey?” I smirked and teased him.

“There are number of things that I would like to do to you.” He gave me his You-asked-for-it smile that gave me shivers.

“Tell me,” my body was shaking and my voice was barely a whisper.

“I would prefer to show you instead…”

His message was loud and clear that by the time he was done I would only crave to stay. And I was ready for it!

End: Though he agreed to not move her belongings, she practically started spending more time at his place. A win-win for both 😉

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