Short Stories: Sarah’s Sexy Encounter!

Short Romantic Stories

A short romantic story about a teenage girl whose passion for dancing makes her meet the true love of her life. Read how Sarah meets Joe in a night club while strip-dancing to her favourite song. Sarah’s life is a mix of romance & erotica, which will bring you to ecstasy!

Sarah walked alone to Foxy Hoochies and let herself in with her friend Alia’s key and disabled the alarm. She purposefully kept the door open as the other women should be arriving at any minute.

The dim lights were on and the place looked dark and dry. Soon enough, the men would file in and fill the space. Booze and whistles would flow while the women parade out wearing next to nothing and entice all men present in the room.

She wasn’t an exotic dancer exactly but a waitress who secretly loved performing when no one was looking. Nonetheless, she would love to tempt any man at this point. Being an outgoer and a young blood, she was open to the concept of casual sex. Hell, she was beyond casual and intensely into routine sex. She had flings with boys from her years at high school, and now every affair was less serious and more physical. She knew most of the visitors at the bar, but that didn’t mean she slept with all of them just to satisfy her demons. She was picky that way. But, when she decided to give a guy a chance in the intimacy department, her favourite spots were the guy’s place or a hotel nearby. She had a strict no-sex-at-workplace policy and she did everything to stick to it.

She made her way through the empty club and meandered up on the stage. Her fingers grazed the shining metal pole in the middle of the raised platform. She had made up her mind to let her fears go and let the dancer out tonight. Not many would say she was a shy girl, but deep down, she knew she was not far from an innocent. She stripped off her clothes and walked to the music system in her string bra and bikini. She tied the mask strings on her face to make it more appealing and of course, to feel like a totally different person. She flipped on the lights and the music and resumed her place at the pole. She closed her eyes and made her hips sway slowly. She tossed her head from side to side and speared both the hand through her dark brown hair, winding the long strands between her fingers. She turned slowly and gripped her hips arching her back and sticking out her hips sensually.

The lessons in strip aerobics her friend had given her had been expertly learnt by her. Her sexy-as-devil friend used to take off her clothes for a living until she ventured into the club business. No one can say this club led by her is going for toss anytime soon. She cruised toward the pole and rolled her body against it — first her valley between the breasts, then her abdomen, and finally her legs.

Curling one calf around the pole, Sarah clutched it with one hand, arched her back, and threw her head backwards. She lifted one of her hands to her thighs, gripping lightly before she caressed her waist with feather-like touches and on the way upwards, caressing her breast and the collarbones.

Biting her lip, she let the button on her shirt free from its hooks and pant from its loop, exposing her assets, barely covered with stimulating lingerie, for those eyes that held hunger. Heat flushed all through her body. She was surprised at her confidence too, even though there was no one to witness it.


While still performing and swaying her hips, she moved her free hand lower and caressed her pubic area. Grabbing the pole tight with the other hand, she swirled still rubbing the spot and looking at the audience upside down. Slowly, she arched up, letting her hand disappear behind her panties. Mouth falling open, she swung her hips in rhythm and moved her fingers in circular motion growing her desire furthermore.

The ache between her legs grew hotter, and she rocked her hips to ease it. It only made her throb more and desperate for some real action. She wanted a warm hard body to take away the need. She turned to cling to the pole and rubbing her breasts to the metal. In that moment, she realized a man lurked in the shadows watching her with desire.

She jerked away from the pole and shrieked through her fear. Though she was scared, she felt the thrill of getting caught. Every man coming to the club would not be a novice in exhibitionism. Her heart thumped even hard and her desire harder. “What do you want?” she whispered.

He stepped closer to the stage, “You. Would you like it?”

When the man came into view, she knew who it was immediately. Now there was no stopping her desire. The man who occupied all her wet dreams was standing right in front of her and asking her if she wanted him. How can a girl say no to the most handsome bachelor of town?

Gathering all the courage she possessed, she replied, “Well, I don’t think this looks I am not.” She grabbed her breasts with her hands and started rubbing it with her palms.

The guy sauntered closer on the stage and pushed her to the pole. “What’s your name, Belleza?”

“It doesn’t matter,” she moved her hand down and confirmed his desire. She was nervous to let her identity known. Without wasting any time, she pulled his clothes off and helped him to get to the peak of his desire. She was grateful that she kept the front door open, yet scared that anyone else might just walk in and catches them in action. And that just magnified her desire.

He turned her and pushed the valley of her breasts to the post. He was perfect — a little rough and a lot more controlled. His touches caressed my skin so delicately and yet so thoroughly, and my whole body lighted firebumps (when your goosebumps are more like fire, she thought). Soon enough, she turned and he stepped back, and that’s when she realized he had come prepared. Of course, he wanted to score with a girl tonight and she was happy that she was the one. After getting the protection in place, he took her nips in his finger and rolled it while her gasp echoed in the room and released a hot charge of desire through her body. Fuck, yes. Exactly as she wanted. Sucking in a shocked breath, her body stiffened, legs parted wide, and she moaned when he lifted her and pierced through her, leaving a burning sensation at first and then complete pleasure. She wrapped her legs on his waist and held him tight. The look in his eyes made her breath catch in utter bliss.

Her body tried to suck him further, and once he was fully in, she clenched around him. She was already sore in some interesting places. But that didn’t stop her from aching more, especially as he rocked into her body.

“Faster,” her desperation spoke. She moved her hand and held him at his waist bringing him closer. Where was this other side of her coming from, she didn’t know? Maybe it was because of her morning test which she was sure she would barely clear. Studying medicine wasn’t a cup of morning tea, it was a glass of bitter wine which if you couldn’t like it, it’s there to leave a bad taste for ever.

Rocking hard and shaking harder, they released at the same time making the experience more erotic. He pulled himself out and slide down on the floor taking her with him. She could still fill him while she sat on his lap with her head resting on his pecs.

“I enjoyed,” he broke the silence.

“I did too.” Who would have thought having sex in a public place under the fear of getting caught would be so exotic? And sharing that experience with her dream guy on a regular night of her workday would leave her wanting for more?

“Will I see you tomorrow?”

“If you want,” she saw some spark in his eyes conveying the message that he was interested in her. For the first time in her life, she was interested in a man too for more than just one-night stand. And it doesn’t hurt that he was a regular at the club.

She was rocking her hips and arousing him with desire. “If you don’t stop, I might take you again today instead of waiting for tomorrow.”

“Do I look like I would say no?” She squirmed and rubbed herself against his chest to start round TWO, just as he promised! But this time around, the hotel room took the score.

END: She made a note to serve the man’s table every time he came to the club and yeah, next time to ask him his name.

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