Short Stories: Sarah’s Flirtatious Joe!

Sarah And Joe

Short romantic story about a teenage girl whose passion for dancing makes her meet the true love of her life. Read how Sarah meets Joe in a night club while strip-dancing to her favorite song here.

In this part, you will read about Sarah & Joe spending their day at the botanic gardens shopping through the day before they end up at a new restaurant in town.

A short romantic story about a teenage girl whose passion for dancing makes her meet the true love of her life. Read how Sarah meets Joe in a night club while strip-dancing to her favourite song here. In this part, you will read about Sarah & Joe spending their day at the botanic gardens shopping through the day before they end up at a new restaurant in town.

“I have a plan for today,” I squeaked as I entered Joe’s home-office. He raised his eye with a silent warning to keep quiet till he was on a call with who-knows-whom. I walked to the single couch in his office and sat with a bounce. He squinted his eyes when he looked at me; of course, he knew I was up to something not-so-good.

I grabbed my phone from my short-pockets and started typing a reply to my manager’s question.

Me: Jennie, I’ll have to pass this offer because even my dead body would not like to be seen with Tiger – And I am still alive…So, you get the point.

I see Jennie typing her reply, but Joe beats her at it, “Over my dead body! Like hell, I’ll not let them partner with our business associates. Even my dead body would not like to be seen working with them – And I am still alive.”

I gasped and he raised his head to look up at me. I smiled and looked back at my phone. Wasn’t that a little spooky? I shrugged and smiled when I read Jennie’s message.

Jennie: Don’t be a drama queen. He only barks and never bites.

Me: He bites you. And I don’t know why you let him.

After that one incident at Foxy, Tiger kept his distance from me, but he failed to keep his eyes from lingering on me. That makes me shudder, yikes! And that was the day when Jennie opened up to me and me to her.

Jennie: I let him because I like it. Everyone is not lucky like you to find a catch like Joe.

Me: Hey, we both are lucky to have found each other – well, him more than I am.

Jennie: Whatever! So, tell me that you will come with us for the weekend getaway and I promise I’ll keep Tiger busy enough to keep him out of your hair.

Me: I so don’t want to know how you intend to keep him busy.

Joe’s hearty laugh distracted me from the messages and I sat wondering how attractive he was – in and out. I didn’t mean what’s in his pants; I snickered at my stupid thoughts. And that’s when it clicked me…

Me: I’ll come if Joe can come.

Jennie: You got to be kidding me. Isn’t it enough that you flaunt him at the bar every


Me: Nope!

I laughed and Joe smiled at me. Even if I didn’t actually want to flaunt him, he does a good job by himself. No one can keep their eyes away from him.

Jennie: I don’t want to see you two love birds getting kissy & cozy in public.

Me: Come on, Jennie. You know you’ll love our company.

Jennie: Fine! You can bring him. But, Sunday night drinks are on him.

Me: Deal!

Just then, Joe shouted, “Deal” and ended his call with goodbyes.

“Can you read my messages?” I asked with a little surprised tone.

“I don’t think so that it is possible,” he mocked me for my stupid question.

“Maybe you’re reading my mind,” at this point, I was questioning myself.

“That I always did.” He stood from his chair and walked towards the couch.

Sitting at the couch in a shell-shocked way made me look like prey in front of an advancing predator. He came around the coffee table and took my hand to pull me towards him. I steadied myself with my palms on his well-toned chest. It always made me wonder how I got so lucky to get the most-handsome Greek God all for myself.

“You look like you have gone to wonderland,” he smirked. I signed; even his smirks make me a googly mess.

I point a finger at him and then myself, “This is the most beautiful wonderland for me. Sometimes I feel it will vanish someday.”

He moved his fingers to my temple and caressed it.

“As long as I am in this wonderland, it will never vanish.”

I smiled and he smiled back. His lips found mine and they were soft and eager at the first touch. His hands went to my hips and pulling me tighter to his body. I moaned and kissed him harder, but a fight for power always won by him.

I circled my arms over his neck and hauled a leg over his hips. Taking that as a sign, he lifted me and moved to his empty-side of the desk. Dropping me on the desk, he leaned enough to make my back hit the surface. His hands roamed over the expanse of my body and my hands touched every part of his back. My legs found its place on his hips and we started grinding each other. He groaned with frustration and got busy with getting our clothes out of the way. Once skin to skin, we resumed the kisses and touching each other. He moved his lips and I whined before his lips found my neck, sucking the delicate skin enough to leave marks. I always loved the wild-side of him – and the tender-side too, and whatever side he has – I am just a goner.

Time flew, and I squirmed letting him know I was ready for the next act of intimacy. Yeah, right – in blatant terms, I was ready to get f***d. Once he retrieved the rubber from his desk drawer, he was back lying on me and ready to drive in. All these times that we have been together intimately, he never failed to make me feel on ecstasy-levelled cloud 9. We found our rhythm and continued kissing each other while the desk kept making the scraping sounds. He held my hips with his hands to support us both on the desk and make it a little more comfortable for me.

“Damn, you feel amazing,” I could not stop my words from flying.

“Are you sure, baby?” He pushed harder and I whimpered.

“Yes, very,” I whimpered again and added, “But, not your desk. No, not amazing.”

He laughed and it jingled my insides.

After he stopped laughing and before he went fast, he said in his business-tone, “Noted.”

Within barely a minute or two, we were laying still – him on me and me on the stupid desk.

He placed a kiss on my temple and looked up before adding, “Come to the botanic gardens with me today.”

“The greenhouse exhibition?”

“Yes, I have two tickets on today’s date.”

“I thought I had plans to share.”

“I beat you to it.”

“What if I say I have some other plans?”

“Then, I’ll say it would be a waste of both the tickets.”

“Take someone else, I guess,” I shrugged teasingly.

“It’s you or no one. Your pick,” he raised his eyes questioningly.

“Me and no one else,” I pouted with my answer.

By late afternoon, Joe had his work done and I was more than ready to leave the house. I was in the kitchen having a glass of orange juice and reading an article on my phone when he sneaked behind me and grabbed my glass to drink himself.

“Hey. That was mine.”

“So are you! Which means whatever is yours is mine,” he winked and I laughed at his humour.

Saying our goodbyes to Mrs. Bones, we left for the exhibition which was a 15-minute drive from our place. Joe parked the car in an empty parking space and we walked towards the entrance holding our hands. It was pleasant climate in the early evening of a summer day and the glass dome of the gardens was reflecting the sun’s rays into a spectrum of colours.

When we approached the entrance, he stepped up in front of me at the ticket booth and asked for two tickets.

“Wait! You said you have two tickets,” I questioned him.

He held the tickets out to me and said pulling his most innocent look, “See, I have them.”

I laughed and raised an eyebrow before adding, “I thought you already had the tickets,” and closing the statement with a pout.

He leaned and kissed me on my pouted lips and said with a wide grin, “Oh, no, I completely lied through my teeth. Not sorry at all, plus, I thought guilting you into accepting the ticket was more efficient than trying to convince you.”

I rolled my eyes and the lady behind the glass counter snickered before laughing. Joe thanked her and took my hand before pulling me into his arms to walk through the entry door.

The insides were a beautiful picture of flowers and plants of varieties, and the other end filled with floral paintings and wall art. The entire place smelled pleasant and it warmed my heart. I hugged Joe tightly and he held me back as we walked through each aisle with varieties of plants on display. He knew so much about the flowers from their names to their origins that I was stunned and focused on hearing him.

When we reached on particular plant group, he leaned and stood with his hand behind his back.

I giggled and asked, “What is it?” I tried looking behind him but he successfully obstructed my view.

“A flower for a flower,” his smile reached his eyes and he leaned to whisper the next words, “But not as beautiful as my flower.”

He leaned back and gave me the Stargazer Lily he had plucked from the plant behind him. I looked at the flower and then at him and back at the flower, all the while thinking I never want to lose this – never want to lose him. This wasn’t a proposal by any length, but it wasn’t short of it either. He never said those three words to me but his actions spoke louder than those confessions.

I took the flower and leaned up to kiss him for this gesture. I whispered, “Thank you.”

He smiled and pulled me close before saying, “Let’s go ahead.” Before moving ahead, he tagged the plant with our number to make the purchases at the end of the displays.

We went through the art gallery and tagged two of the paintings from the lot and decided to leave by 8.00 PM. At the counter, we got the purchases billed and paid before walking out towards our car. We got in and buckled our seat-belts in place, before I spoke, “Good that they’ll deliver our purchases at home.”

“I have been frequenting this exhibition from years now. Most of the management is the same and they know me well to abide by my every request,” he said and drove the car out of the parking lot.

“More like a demand?” I made it sound like a question, but he knew better.

“You’ll learn what a demand is tonight, baby.”

“Oh, let’s go home.”

He laughed and answered, “Now, who is demanding?” He smirked and added, “We’ll have dinner first and then go home.”

“No, first home and then dinner.”

“Sweetheart, stubbornness doesn’t suit you.”

“Joe, selfishness doesn’t suit you.”

He smiled crookedly and said, “You know when I can be selfish, baby. Do you want that tonight?”

My breath caught in my throat and I swallowed slowly. He can be selfish when he wants to punish me by not pleasuring me the way I like or need to find my blissful moment.

“No,” I whispered half-questioningly and half-pleadingly.

“I know you can wait, baby. And I promise to not be selfish tonight and not make you wait more than an hour. Does that sound good to you?”

“I think I can make it so far,” I said and smiled back at him.

He leaned towards my seat and kissed me before whispering in my ears, “We will make it far.”

I heard his words loud and clear, we will make it very far as far as our lives go, and let him drive us at a lawful speed to the nearest newly-opened restaurant.

End: The hour passed by in a blink, and she couldn’t complain as Joe kept both his promises – getting them both at home within an hour and pleasuring her as she always liked.  

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