Short Stories: Sarah’s Dinner Date With Family (Part I)

Love Story

Short romantic story about a teenage girl whose passion for dancing makes her meet the true love of her life. Read how Sarah meets Joe in a night club while strip-dancing to her favorite song here.

In this part, you will read about Sarah & Joe spending their evening with Joe’s family over a monthly-gathering dinner at their family home.

I can’t believe I agreed to this! What was I thinking saying yes to this?

I stepped out of my car and walked towards the garage entrance just as Joe had instructed over the call. After our latest food quest two days back at a newly-opened restaurant in the town; upon reaching home, Joe gave me the shocker of my life; he wants me to meet his family over a monthly dinner. What was I supposed to say? No, because it is too early for the meet-and-greet family custom. Or yes, because I was dying to let his family know that he belonged to me. Well, he took the decision away from me which I was rather glad about.

Here I was, walking towards his car dragging my trolley bag to leave for a weekend away from my small town into the city’s buzz and spend quality time with Joe in exchange for the quietness of my quaint town with the craziness of Joe’s family. That’s how Joe defined his family – a little funny, a lot crazy and much more affectionate. As I came closer to his car, Joe stepped out of his back entrance in his I-am-hot-more-than-the-summer-hotness attitude and gave me the once-over.

He smirked and walked to where I stood rooted. ‘Hi, baby. You look ravishing.’

I gasped before he bent to kiss me hello. I playfully hit his arm before replying, ‘You can’t say such things. We have to hit the road now. I already got late reaching here.’ I had to go at my place to pick some weekend trip clothes that cried elegant and rich.

‘I like to be late, especially, when it is with you.’ I was always a sucker at his dirty words.

I pushed his chest playfully and walked towards his car trunk to load my bag. ‘I can’t be late on my big day. I have some people to impress.’

‘You have impressed me; you don’t have to worry about anyone else.’ He pecked my cheek and took my bag to load in his car next to his already set bag.

As I came around the end of his SUV, he flashed me a crooked smile as he lifted my trolley bag in his car.

‘Traveling light, I see.’ How can he tease me when I discarded too many clothes before repacking?

‘This is light,’ I replied and narrowed my eyes. As Joe reached for my handbag, I added, ‘I spent a long time narrowing down my wardrobe, I’ll have you know.’

Joe crossed his arms and peered at me over the top of his sunglasses. ‘All of which means you need one hundred outfits to choose from?’

‘Oh, whatever,’ I said, swiping a hand through the air. ‘You should know by now that I don’t wake up looking this fabulous.’

He walked to me and kissed me lightly, ‘You always look fabulous to me, even in your 100 yrs. old winnie-the-pooh pyjamas.’

He wrapped his arms around my waist, and then connected our lips in a kiss that I felt through my entire body. I clutched at Joe’s shirt and moaned, pushing up on to my toes to get even closer until he finally let me go and raised his head.

His lips curved into a full-on smile and moved towards the rear to close the truck. He added over his shoulder, ‘On the contrary, you wake up looking even better.’

I took the passenger seat and he rounded his car before settling himself on the driver’s seat.

‘You sure you don’t want me to drive?’ I asked while setting the air-conditioner keeping in mind Joe’s preferred temperature. I was always a little too cold and Joe was always hot, hence I was wearing a jacket to spare him from journeying in the summer heat.

‘I’ll let you drive tonight… in our bed.’ I gasped and he smirked while taking my hand and adding, ‘promise.’

I laughed and rolled my eyes. I knew he was trying to lighten my mood and make me relax. It was helping me big time. It was an hour’s drive to his family and we spent the journey watching out the change in the scenery and talking random things.

‘I forgot to tell you, Jennie and my whole team are going out for a weekend trip and I said I would…’

Before I could complete the statement, Joe interrupted, ‘Tell her no. I am not spending my weekend alone.’

‘Firstly, you should let me complete the sentence. Secondly, once in a while I can go out and spend time with my friends, and thirdly, which is the most important one, I would like to spend time with you if it were in my hands.’

‘So, Jennie wants all the fun to herself and her team.’

‘Nah, she likes to share,’ I replied with a deadpan look. He growled on my dirty joke and I ended up giggling.

‘She has invited you to join. I said no…’

He looked shocked before he whispered, ‘You don’t want me to go with you?’

‘No, silly. I said no earlier because Tiger will be there.’

‘You don’t have to disappoint your friends by not going because of that idiot.’

‘Yeah, so later I agreed that we would join.’

‘Oh, I didn’t let you finish your sentence again. Old habit dies hard.’

We shared a laugh and when I sobered, I added, ‘By the way, Sunday evening drinks are on you.’

He looked at me with suspicions and I looked out the window to stop myself from giggling out.

‘I might have promised Jennie that if you came, you will throw a drinks party.’

‘What you mean to say is she let you drag me to your weekend outing because you promised her free booze on my name!’ Of course, he knew.

‘It might have gone a little like that,’ I whispered and he ended up laughing again.

We arrived at his family home within a little over an hour of driving. Joe cut the engine and took my hand in his before he said, ‘Everything will go fine. They are good people, a little overbearing, yes, but in the end good at heart and accepting of new people in the family.’

I signed and replied, ‘I’ll try to relax and enjoy. You’ll be with me, alright?’

He leaned close and answered, ‘Where else will I be!’

When we walked to the door of a two-storey house, my heart began to tap-dance and palms grew sweaty. The house was located in a quiet neighbourhood away from the hustle and bustle of the corporate city world.

Joe held my hand tight and gave a squeeze in assurance.

I was about to say something when the front door opened wide and Olivia Williams came into view. With her hair styled into lovely brown and blonde waves, her face lit up with joy when Joe whirled around to face her.

‘Hi, mom.’ He leaned and hugged her as she returned her affection for him.

As Joe wrapped his arms around her, Olivia kissed his cheek, and her eyes shifted to me. I straightened, and when I tried jerking Joe’s hand free, Olivia slipped her arm around his waist, and he hugged her into his side.

‘It’s been too long, young man,’ she said as she angled her head to look at her son. “But it’s so good to have you home.”

‘I know. It’s great to be here, Ma. Really,’ Joe said, and kissed her head. Then he turned and began to introduce me, ‘You remember—‘

‘Sarah. It’s lovely to see you here,” she said before pulling me into a bear hug, and I wondered exactly how this was going to play out.

‘It’s a pleasure to meet you today, Olivia. Joe has always spoken well about you. Thank you for letting me join your family for dinner.’

‘Don’t worry, sweetheart. It’s a pleasure to be able to cook for you today. I always look forward to new people tasting my cooking and complimenting me after,’ she added and winked at me.

Joe laughed and teased, ‘Oh no. I can’t protect you here, Sarah. You are on your own when it comes to tasting mom’s new recipes.’

‘Don’t you dare misguide her. Everyone loves my cooking and you know it.’

‘Yes, we all know it because you don’t let them go without complimenting your cooking.’

Tsk. Tsk. ‘They do it on their own free will.’

‘That we’ll see when the night ends.’ Joe winked at Olivia and held me by my waist.

Olivia hit his arm playfully and gestured me in. ‘Please. Come in. Come in. Joe’s father has just gone out on a business meeting and should be home soon. Sophia’s running a little late, but Ava and Jason are in the kitchen, and they are just dying to say hello.’

Joe leaned and whispered, ‘Brace yourself. She’s just the welcoming committee. The whirlwind is about to take place.’ Is he trying to scare me now?

‘Don’t you worry about me, Joe. I’m rather looking forward to this.’

‘Remind me to ask you about it…later.’

He chuckled and kissed my head before guiding me towards the kitchen area.

If this is how it was with one member of the family, how will it be with everyone together?

Only the night will tell!

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