Sun, Summer And Everything In-between

Let’s face it, no one loves summer. Well, we don’t “hate it” hate it but we aren’t fond of it either. And if given an option we would rather have 12 months of winter than of this scorching heat. Wouldn’t you agree?

Since we can’t run from it, we might as well face it…

Now that Covid is on the run, life has caught up on its pace. And with Sun knocking people out with its heat (literally), all anyone can dream of is soda cans, slushes, snow, ice, winter and the list goes on and on…

While Sun god is determined to bless us with this extra melanin, we thought why not curate a list of things that could make this summer bearable.

Summer Dresses

This has to top the list.

All of us, including me *wink*, searched for dresses that could breathe and would in-turn let us breathe. Turn that style quotient on and take this summer challenge head on. Cotton, Khadi, Linen, Silk are amongst the top fabrics that’ll make your heart melt this summer. These fabrics are known best for being breathable and that’s what the goal of this season is!

So, let’s have a look at that excuse for an affordable wardrobe that’s the silver lining of this season…

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Summer Beauty Products


Moisturize, Moisturize and Moisturize. We cannot emphasize enough on the fact that your skin needs you. The person who invented moisturizers existed for the love of human kind. 😛

Do try out moisturizers’ range from Re’equil. To be very specific, this baby works like a charm.

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A Lightweight foundation

Foundation not only gives that matte finish but also helps you stay sweat free. To each their own. But, Maybelline offers a wide range of products for different skin types. A must try.

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Popularly known as life savers! Sunscreen only protects you from sun rays, but also reduces any signs of anti-aging by keeping the elasticity of the skin intact. Here’s a list of sunscreens with their spf range. A big shoutout to Re’equil for coming up with this product.

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The thing that defines our day! You could be sad, upset, angry or mad. But, mind you, lipstick will always help you lift your mood. Let me tell something, soft shades go amazing well with all summer dresses. Check out some really amazing shades to don that summer look.

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Top up your beauty game by sealing it with a nice summer fragrance to keep you going throughout the day. Nothing makes you feel fresh like a nice fragrance. Check out few of the products that we thought were best.

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Summer-friendly Food Items

If someone tells you Mango helps you gain weight, run away from that person.

We don’t want this negativity in our life.

Mangoes can never be bad. Though, it’s advisable to keep that craving to a minimum.

We curated this list keeping our Mamas and Daadis in mind and mind you this is what they would have advised as well…

Certain food items that help you keep that hotness in check are:

Chia Seeds

A boon to human kind to keep that body calm. Mix these seeds with any juice of your choice and you are set… Check out


Summer and watermelons, WHAT A COMBINATION! Imagine yourself on a shack near a beach sipping that watermelon juice that you like…  *dreamy*

Well, watermelon sells itself!


This low in fat and high in protein baby helps you keep your digestive system in check.

Lime Juice

Grab those lemons and pour yourself a nice mojito… To be specific, a virgin mojito… *Wink*

Ginger Ale

Don’t let the name fool you. Benefits of ginger are contrary to its appearance… A must try drink during summers.


Hogg on salads as much as you want… Nothing works miraculously on the body as Salads do…

This is with our list of things that you can do in Summer. Let us know if you have any suggestions for us too. We would love to hear those.

And, don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated, sis!


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