10 Mistakes Women Make When Falling in a Relationship

  1. Too easily impressed:

     A small word of appreciation, bunch of compliments and a little show of affection and their goes the women wooing around the men. A little too good-looking and high on attitude, the man rules the women’s world. 

  1.  Cool dude of the college:

       He is the “king of the prom”, star of the football team and stud among the guys. He is every girl’s wet dream so when he asks you out how can you say a “No”.

  1.  Wanna be a cool kid?

You have to have a boyfriend and just not anybody but a popular guy to make other girls jealous of you. If you don’t have a boyfriend, its considered that something is wrong with you and well eventually you become invisible to all.

  1.  To feel the importance:

       You wish to feel special and important to someone. You want to be loved and pampered. You want someone’s world to revolve around yours. When you are made to feel important by a guy, you blindly fall for him thinking he would do the same forever but fail to understand that he did it only to make you his girlfriend.

  1.  Friend is always right:

       You don’t listen to your heart but the opinions of your friend. “How is he for me?” “Do we look good together?” “Do you think he loves me?” and more. Your friend’s judgment is the best advice over and above what your heart feels and says.

  1.  Too depressed to be alone:

It’s boring to have nothing to do in your free time? No one to ping you? No one you can chat or talk over phone? No one you can hang out in clubs and pubs? No dinner dates? No one to gift you with expensive shit? Life should be thrilling with a little romance and intimacy. 

  1.  No Sex life:

      Always heard your friends speak about their amazing sex life but never had a personal experience. That can’t do, can it? 

  1. Last man on the earth:

      He is readily walking in your life than why to reject him when you think you will not find another guy? Let’s not miss the opportunity which is knocking on your door, should we? The guy is decent enough to be called your boyfriend for the time being

  1.  Party Status:

       Stag entry is not cool at all, is it? You feel ashamed to walk alone through the door when people are staring at you and pitying you for your lack of companionship. Better to find any Tom, Dick and Harry, with certain required specifications like good looks and smart attitude, to accompany you to parties and events.

  1.  Competition:

     “My boyfriend is better than yours?” My question is “How did your boyfriend become a display object? Or did you make a display object your boyfriend?” 

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