What are Pet Dogs Scared of the Most?

Anyone who owns a dog knows well that they can freak out sometimes, though everyone might not know the reason for it. From the look and behavior of your dog, you at least get to know there is something strange. But what that is? — phobia. Dogs suffer from various forms of phobias which causes mental and behavioral disorders.

Among dogs, suffering with phobia leads to an excessive and irrational fear reaction. Many a times you spot your dog barking, trembling, drooling, showing destructive behavior or aggression; these are the signs of your dog exhibiting fear. Whenever you walk on your dog chewing your sofa off, or leaving scratch marks on your dining table, or pooping on your rag mat; be certain that your furry friend might be holding back some form of fear for something. Knowing the types of fears guide you to help your pet positivity bringing in the right measures to eliminate the fears.

Following are few fears that shed some light on the things terrifying your beloved companion:

Separation Anxiety:

What are Pet Dogs Scared of the Most?

It is the fear of being left alone. As soon as the owner exits the door, some dogs lose complete control over their behavior and turns destructive. Though some dogs become habitual to staying alone, some never builds that habit ever. Most common behavioral displays are barking, running, and damaging whatever comes in hand.

Dog owners can ease their fear by simply developing a daily practice. Such as keeping a low key when exiting or returning home.

Loud Noise:

Dogs scared of loud noicesMost common phobia in dogs manifest from fireworks, thunder, or loud music. Unpredicted and unexpected loud noise can cause two kinds of responses. With light display of noise, you’ll notice your dogs tremble in fear or flatten their ears; whereas with severe noise the dogs might hide, become destructive, or lose control of their bowels.

For example: In an event of storm when dogs exhibit the signs of fear several minutes before the calamity hits, the owners should hold their pets and calm them down by assuring their presence.

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Blood-needle-injury Type Phobia:

Dogs Fear of Needles

Dogs fear the veterinarian the most after their first visit, since a dog’s first exposure mostly involves restraining, vaccinating, and a bitter taste of medication. No wonder the owners literally drag their dogs after reaching the clinic.

One way to achieve a stress-free trip is by exercising frequent social visits that doesn’t involve doctor’s assessment. Bring in your dog for some goodies and a fun evening with the veterinarian.

Fear of Unknown:

Dogs Fear of Unknown

Dogs are always afraid of anyone they don’t know. For owners, it is a difficult task to help their dogs overcome this problem as it is impossible to teach the dogs to accept every stranger. When forced, the dogs become aggressive towards both — the new person and the owner.

Owners can teach their dogs to at least approach new visitors after a thorough examination.

Fear of Objects:

Dogs Fear of Objects

Many dogs fear some objects which are harmless such as kid’s toys, decorative items, or any newly seen safe-belongings. Objects which are harmful includes needles and pointed items. Some dogs after repetitive exposure to those safe objects change their outlook and turn fearful. Whereas, some are not able to as they are not being told or have not experienced the harmlessness.

Those objects of harmless nature are not problematic, but those with harmful results should be kept out of their reach. The safe objects should be clearly introduced to the dogs.

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Dogs Fear of Traps

Dogs suffer from confinement anxiety disorder. They prefer their comfort nest and its cosiness. When they are confined in small boxes or cage, they feel trap. Confining the dogs also mean separating them from the owner’s touch. Some dogs turn aggressive and some become emotional.

Owners should avoid confining them in small objects. While traveling when there is no other way than confinement, dogs can be lightly sedated ensuring they are far from any harm. Other situations, dogs should have their favorite toys to engage their mouths and minds.

Like us, dogs too have fears which can be eliminated with a little understanding and the right measures.

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