5 Ways to Know that You Were Born to Travel

Travel Story

Aren’t most of us the ardent enthusiast to visit new places? But there are some people who are wholly and solely born to travel. These people constantly have travel in their mind and adventure in their blood. It is like they are always wearing their travel shoes and the invisibility cloak. It is as difficult for them to stay at one place as it is for the students to concentrate on studying. If ever a travel proposition is put in front of these overly excited Homo sapiens, you will never hear the word ‘NO’ from them. Figure out if you are among the enthusiast or the born traveler with the following signs:

1) Does your dream job require travelling across the globe? You could not persuade yourself into working as a desk employee, but being a travel writer, photographer, trekker, an anthropologist, and more. Your heart and mind is in exploring new landscapes, cultures, food, customs, and people.

2) “I want to see it all,” is your motto of life and an entry on your bucket list. Be it travelling from far eastern countries to visiting North Pole, the travel diary will be filled with stories of every corner of the earth.

3) Do you act stingy when spending on non-travel expenditures? You would rather prefer to empty your pockets on travel experiences. Just like every accomplished traveler’s belief, you believe that experiences are always better than material things.

4) You simply love to exhibit your modern and vintage travel collection. You always crave for more than one mementos of your every visit. Even though it’s completely impractical to continue expanding the collection, you really can’t let go of that magnet souvenir and crafts from Bali, or the African wood carvings and Ostrich Eggs from Africa, and more. Money never acts as a constraint in your buying desire.

5) “Flight experience is the fun experience.” You are opposites of those who hate the flying feeling and love the experience of been in the air. Like watching the beauty out of the window, interacting with people from different cultures, enjoying the flight food, and observing the air-hostesses—it’s one of your favorite parts of traveling.

If you can relate to the points mentioned above, you are evidently a born traveler whose every breath revolves around creating travel history.

Dear born travelers, start creating your own travel story now!

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