Reading habits gone wrong! Control them or regret them!

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Haven’t you read enough? Your eyes are sore, your head has started aching, your fingers are tired and your body is crying sitting in one position. Yet, you can’t bring yourself to stop reading. Now, is it because you want to show respect to the author by completing the book or is it because you have another author’s book to begin? Or is it just that you are so hooked to the book you can’t stop reading it? Most likely you too fall in the last scenario. Because I certainly do!

Sometimes it is the story that is so gripping that I cannot leave it without knowing what comes next. And other times the characters are so captivating that I just want to keep reading about them. In both cases, I end up spending hours and days behind just reading.

Well, it might not sound like the end of the world to you, but it definitely is an end to my daily routine and productiveness. And let’s not forget the delay in important tasks of the day.

The authors must have penned the book down with an intention to keep the readers engaged but in certain cases, readers are completely glued to the book and the adhesive loosens up when the last page is reached. Is it the author’s mistake or the reader’s? This is definitely a debatable topic. But, since I’m an author and a reader, I believe it is no one’s mistake.

As an author, I write books that try to keep you entertained and wanting for more. Even if it ends up making you sacrifice anything and everything just to prioritize my book. Selfish much, right? That’s just how an author is — a little selfish to give a lot. 😊

ReadingAs a reader, I feel connected to the characters and the story when they are up to my taste and likings. Let me tell you I have a curious mind that will not settle down without knowing what’s waiting at the end. At times, I end up rushing to the end too. But to do justice to the book, I read through each chapter, without jumping to the end, at a super-sonic speed. For me, learning the story is more thrilling than experiencing the story. Well, this isn’t true in everyone’s case. (Thank God for small mercies)

Beyond every reason we hold for our reading habits, the focus of this article is to share some tips with you to curb the craziness that comes with reading.

Let’s talk about some ways you can manage your ‘Reading Time’:

  • Time Allocation: I love reading before bed and during tea-time. So, that’s my fixed slot for my beloved books (Even the husband can’t have it) An hour of bedtime reading and an hour during the snack breaks with a perfect cup of tea.
  • Weekend Cheat-day: Just as you don’t stop yourself from indulging in your favorite foods on weekends, don’t stop yourself from indulging in your favorite books. NO ONE CAN STOP YOU!
  • Perks & Rewards: Say no to your favorite treat when you want to reward yourself for something you achieved. Instead, reward yourself with time to read to your heart’s content (And hope that your heart gets satisfied soon).
  • Vacation Time: Take a break to read! Travelling, shopping, partying, etc. can wait. This one time when you take leave from your work or studies, spend your time reading.

Managing your reading time is as important as managing your finances. When you reach zero, both the situation hurts. At least for the avid readers. So, make a to-do list, mark your reading slots and see the magic happening. The perfect life is here!

Tip: If time allocation doesn’t work, the last resort is to let your loved ones lock the book in a high-security hidden safe, and get it to you only when you are back to your normal self.  😈

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