My Story: Express Your Love

My Story

Love is always expressed in different forms, sizes & depths. Some may speak it in words, some may shape it in actions & some may simply write it down. But every way is the best way.

If you are one of those who loves to put your feelings down on paper, do it & do not fear to share afterwards. Your feelings are not a treasure to be hidden but lived with.

And if you are one of those who loves to capture your feelings in photographs, do it & make sure your world sees it too. After all, those beautiful photos are the window to your heart, & also the best work of yours.

My Story


I used to think love is transparent, it doesn’t need a form. The one I love can see it, feel it and know it, without me expressing explicitly. Books, movies and even the society said the one who loves you unconditionally will read what your heart says & understand what your soul feels. It was when everything fell apart and there left no turning back from the heartache, I realized that forms, sizes & depths mattered.

Expressing your love in any form, be it actions or words, is important. Voicing how much you love in any way, be it actions or words, is important. Showing the depth of your love or how invested you are in the other person, be it through actions or words, is important.

I love to write, so my chosen mode of pouring my heart out usually, is writing. Love letters, the oldest method of expressing or confessing your love, is my weapon for thriving in love.

Find yours, use it & have your love survive —the uncertainties, the insecurities, the unfulfilled expectations & the ever-changing time.

Small Trick: Random kisses & hugs will do you both good & make you feel special, and let’s not forget a little giddy, definitely a welcome feeling💕

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