Poetry: New World

Never had I thought I’ll become a writer and make a whole new world for me. It’s everything I had ever imagined — beautiful,
competitive, fun, difficult, smooth, turbulent, happy and educative.

When looking back at my journey and the way forward, I realize that I love this small world of mine that holds a huge potential to build into something bigger.

Build a world of your own and see it grow into something you’ll cherish!



Seeing the beauty of the world I had never known

Vast & boundless; a long time ago it was born

Within me; hidden behind all my layers

Stronger when held tight by the heartfelt prayers

Hopes & efforts brought it to life

Ending the life-long personal strife

That was a whole new world lying within me

All I had to do was open up & let it free!

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  • Shibani Shah, the founder of T.I.W and the author of His Love Play, believes in the art of writing and spreading her learning through the one open communication method she understands - interacting through words. Her writing has also appeared on AnimationXpress.