6 Bedtime Stories For Young Kids

It’s never easy to make your kids read knowledgeable content, more so when they are forced to read boring books. This is where bedtime stories come into picture and to good use. Kids love storytelling; rather I should say story-listening!!!

While conventional education starts at the age of 5 for the kids, the brain development begins as early as from their 3rd year. Helping your child read, at the same time, learn good things from books is important for their mental growth. Reading to them helps sharpen their brain that deals with language, reading, logic and processing images. The clear correlation between reading and brain development is why we recommend that parents read to their children every day.

A dedicated reading time is great for the kids, also it is a wonderful practice for bonding and building good memories with them. And let’s not forget stories are the best magic potion that puts your kid to a peaceful sleep after a long day. Win-win for all!!

So, if you want to read to your kids, you cannot read the same book again every night, you’ll need a library. Good thing, our generation has tons of books available for our kids, which also means picking them has become a challenging task. Hence, we compiled a list of storybooks that are perfect for inspiring young kids and giving them a fun storytime. Check them out below:

1. Peppa Pig: Little Library
Peppa Pig

It’s a collection of six chunky mini board books, based on your favorite characters from Peppa Pig and presented in a colorful slipcase box. The Peppa Pig range of books are good for self-learning, they are fun, interactive and informational, and encourage kids to read by themselves when they’re at home.

2. Akbar and Birbal: Classic Tales From India

Akbar & Birbal

Beautifully illustrated, this book is a compilation of several tales of wit and wisdom from India, stories built upon the themes of loyalty, trust and friendship. These tales are full of wit and humor and they tell us about Birbal’s quick presence of mind. The author has related the stories very beautifully using plain and clear language.

3. Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood is a European fairy tale about a young girl and a Big Bad Wolf. With vibrant, captivating illustrations and simple text, this is the perfect storybook that will give wings to a child’s imagination and encourage them to read books.

4. The Ugly Duckling

The Ugly Duckling

For over one hundred years, The Ugly Duckling has been a childhood favorite. The book is a beautiful retelling of this classic children fairy tale. Read the journey of the awkward little bird who transforms itself into a beautiful swan.

5. In the Jungle (Flap Book)

In The Jungle

Take your kid into the magical jungle world and enjoy the cute creatures under the flaps in this charming book. Meet the chattering monkeys, roaring lions, trumpeting elephants, and many more animals wandering deep inside the jungle.

6. Jack And The Beanstalk

Jack and the beanstalk

What happens when Jack climbs the magical beanstalk that takes him into the clouds? This is a beautiful retelling of the classic children fairy tale – Jack and the beanstalk. With vibrant, captivating illustrations and simple text, it will spark your kid’s imagination, help develop speech and encourage to read more books.

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Foster a habit of reading in your little ones with these recommendations of thoughtfully created storybooks. These books will definitely help you equip toddlers and preschoolers with essential reading, language, visual, motor and imagination skills.