Quotes: Bun Girl

Stop judging a girl by how she prefers to look!

It’s our choice to look classy, or sexy, or boyish, or simply put-together!

Girl Power


I have always been a bun girl

It doesn’t define who I am or what I am

Maybe I am a model or a teacher?

Maybe I am an office-goer or a home-artist?

Maybe I am a fashion diva or a cook?

My hair-do can’t give out what I do for passion and living

I am just me and I like being a bun girl!

Stop judging…



  • Shibani Shah, the founder of T.I.W and the author of His Love Play, believes in the art of writing and spreading her learning through the one open communication method she understands - interacting through words. Her writing has also appeared on AnimationXpress.