His Love Play: Rony & Grace At Family Home

At Grace’s home, Rony & Grace enjoy their time off by spending it with her family.
Family fun in abundance in #HisLovePlay.
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‘Are you alright?’ Grace looked at me with concern in her eyes.

‘I like your family. I have never experienced so much love and affection before, if I don’t count my nanny,’ Rony replied.

‘I am happy that you like them. I really wanted you to like them. Does this mean you will come here again?’

‘If your family doesn’t mind.’

‘Are you kidding? They are so charmed by you. If I don’t get you the next time I come here, I fear they would send me back and demand I bring you.’ She laughed at her own joke, but it felt as if she wasn’t entirely kidding.

‘Then I will save you the double trip and tag along with you,’ I said, smiling at her.

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  • Shibani Shah, the founder of T.I.W and the author of His Love Play, believes in the art of writing and spreading her learning through the one open communication method she understands - interacting through words. Her writing has also appeared on AnimationXpress.