Short Song: Love Is Not Blind

A Song on Love!

Music Courtesy: Lavender’s Blue Dilly Dilly

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Love is not blind, dear
Love is not blind
You will know
When your king will arrive

Someone told you, dear
Someone told you
That your king lives in your heart
And it’s true

Get yourself near, dear
Get yourself near
Don’t stay in the heart
Like this forever

Some say you are true, dear
Some say you are false
While you’re not here
I didn’t give it a thought

Love is not blind, dear
Love is not blind
I will know
When my king will arrive

The wind blows to me, dear
Sea’s close to me
Now that you come
Is what I can see

I’ll be the Queen, dear
You be the King
We dance together
When the river will sing

Someone told me, dear
Someone told me
That my king lives in my heart
And it’s true

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