Songs: Do Kadam

Life is short! We keep moving on from one phase to another – sometimes, people walk with us and other times, they walk away.

But, our best buddies sticks around – Let’s celebrate our past with them, live our present with them and look forward to a beautiful future with them.

Love to my best friends for life ❤️


Do kadam aage chal do | Ek kadam piche mud lo

Dekh lo kya hai chutta | Jo tha lagta tha apna

Thi kya vo yaaro ki nagri | Ya thi vo prem ki tokri

Ya phir koi sapna | Japta tha di jo apna

Do kadam aage chal do | Ek kadam piche mud lo

Jaan lo tum ab ho kaha | Dur ho gaye the jaha

Yaad aati hai yaari | Pyaar ki jalti favari

Aag ke dhuve main jo | Jal gayi apni ye javani

Do kadam aage chal do | Ek kadam piche mud lo


  • Shibani Shah, the founder of T.I.W and the author of His Love Play, believes in the art of writing and spreading her learning through the one open communication method she understands - interacting through words. Her writing has also appeared on AnimationXpress.