Quotes: Mistake

A mistake is what everybody is afraid of committing but when they make a mistake why aren’t they afraid of the consequences that will be formed by not accepting it. The more you run from something the faster it catches you.

It is a saying, “When you find something that is far from your reach you work hard in getting it.”

That’s what happens when you try to escape you fall deep into the trap. Always remember the sooner you admit your faults the lesser you’ll have to face the punishments.

Galti sabhi karte hai

Maffi sabhi nahi mangte

Jo galti kare usse sajha mile

Jo maffi mange usse khuda mile

Galti karne wale kam nahi

Maffi mangne walo ko gum nahi

Kyunki sabhi pyaar hai unse karte

Jo maffi mangne se nahi darte

Say “sorry” when it’s your mistake—you won’t have to carry the burden along wherever you go.

People who love you will let you go because they’ll see only the loyalty, the faithfulness, and your love: how honestly you admitted whatever sins you did.

Give them a chance to forgive you—Give them a chance to know the good side of you.

Goodness always stays a step ahead of badness.

So now proudly make mistakes and with a higher pride accept it…(because there are a very few people who does so, and you will be among those who are one in a million)


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