Quotes: Just Like Shoes

Just like shoes,
One may get cuts because of over use (Taking the other for granted)
One might develop stains (a cloud of depression because of being rude & mean)
One might get hit or kicked (By throwing tantrums on the other)
Eventually, One or both may give blisters (Hurt our loved ones because we our hurt)

Be like shoes to walk on the hard terrains..
Be like shoes to complete each other..
Be like shoes to give protection to our loved ones!!!

Love Quotes


Best Friend: He isn’t right for you.

Your dreams, habits, thinking — nothing matches…

Me: We are like a pair of shoe…

Both made for different leg…

But required to stay together…

Separated they become worthless!

Similarly, we are made for different purpose (in life),

Decided to stay together

If separated, we may not survive.