Quotes: Ingredients of Good Life

“With right ingredients, life tastes good—you wish to live (eat) more and more.”


Don’t change my life
Because I don’t want to change
Change my attitude towards life
Because I don’t want it to remain unchanged.


Love changes lives
Hate changes people
Love brings them back
Love changes people in a way
Hate doesn’t come back.


Time is rare
When we don’t care
Time is short
When we need it the most.
Time plays game
Because time want us to tame
Time stays as a part
Because doesn’t want us to apart
Time takes care of us
Even if we don’t.


Change your attitude
Make a different latitude
Do something new
Never let time decide for you


Happiness never knocks the door by itself
You have to invite them yourself
Happiness never stays on its own
We have to make them stay
Treat them in such a way
Happiness never thinks of accepting someone else’s invitation.


Dreams are pleasant
Unlike my life
Dreams obeys my all commands
Life does what GOD demands.


When something bad happens
Heart skips a beat
When something good happens
Life takes a lead.



Change me now
Time is running somehow
Am not able to hold
I don’t want to die cold
Something I want in life
That I can be proud of
But it’s difficult to change me off.

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