Quotes: Someone Enjoys Seeing You — Happy & Flying

~Fly when you know where you are going,
Fly when you don’t know where you are going

~Fly when others fly with you,
Fly when others don’t fly with you

~Fly when in the sunlight,
Fly when in the dark

~Fly when you are young,
Fly when you are old

Just don’t stop flying
Because when you fly
Someone enjoys seeing you
Happy & Flying

Positive Thoughts


Life is like a sky

Keep on flying

Don’t be afraid of falling!


Sometimes you know where you’re going

Sometimes you don’t

Just take adventures!


Someday you’ll fly through forest

Dark, Scary, & Dangerous

Someday you’ll fly through ocean

Enjoying the breeze and water

Someday you’ll fly through desert

Tired, Out of energy, & Thirsty

Someday you’ll fly through mountains

Trees, Waterfall, & Wind


You’ll come across

Good times & Bad times

But don’t stop flying

Because when you do

Others enjoy seeing you

Happy & Flying!

“Life Goes On & You’re Destined to Live

Live Your Life Like You Fly in the Sky

Never Stop Until Your Dying Day”

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